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  • Diagnosis: Hashimoto’s disease, fibroids, Lyme disease
  • “Even though I felt I had been born to be a very healthy person, I just…I got cancer, I got fibroids, you know, the doctors would say, ‘Oh, well something’s wrong. Let’s cut it out.’ And from then on everything started going downhill.
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  • “Then I got Lyme disease and I was a zombie. I almost got in a car accident. I couldn’t think. My brain had checked out.”
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  • “I got better and better and better and started, you know, coming back to life. And I became me.”
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  • “I remember feeling energetic again for the first time in a long time. Waking up in the morning and thinking, wait a minute, I’m 30 years old again.”
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Anne: 00:07
I was always a very, very active child, et cetera, et cetera. And then I came down with the mumps, got the mumps was left alone in the house a little too long when I started feeling better and ran around and jumped on the bed and you know, had a great time and then got really sick with pancreatitis. And I believe I was treated with tremendous numbers of antibiotics because my gut turned to molten lava. And I believe that was the beginning of my regression into illness. When I was about in sixth grade or something, I noticed that when I looked out of my eyes, I thought, oh, this is like driving a car. Cause my, the under eyes were so swollen that I could see what would appear to be the hood of an old automobile or something, you know?

Oh, it’s like being in a car. And I from my entire life was just swollen, big swollen moon face circles under my eyes. I’d go to doctor after doctor and they’d say, well, you have idiopathic edema. And I’d say, oh, well what’s that? Well, that’s you’re all swollen up and we don’t know why. You know? And it wasn’t until I was in my fifties, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, which is an autoimmune condition, which I think was brought on by the whole gut thing, which was only, again, in my fifties, I had given up on conventional medicine on feeling better, and went to a chiropractor and he said, well, you have leaky gut. Well, what’s that? But I dealt with that. At the same time concurrently and my health, even though I felt I had been born to be a very healthy person, I just, I got cancer, I got fibroids.

You know, the doctors would say, oh, well something’s wrong. Let’s cut it off, or let’s cut it out. You know, let’s keep cutting. And finally, the Hashimoto’s flipped into Graves’ disease. Oh, well, we’ve got to radioactively ablate or surgically cut out your thyroid. I said, no, give me a month. Just give me a month. I’m going to sell this. So I went home and for a month all I ate, all I ate and my friends hated me, was brown rice for a whole month. And I went back to the doctor, well your test results are miraculously normal. And I said that’s the food. It’s the food. No, no, no. I said I can make you rich. You can cure people. No that’s not it. Didn’t want to hear about it. But I did start going to an allergist who treats through a kinesiology muscle testing. It’s very woo woo.

Nobody wants to hear about it cause it’s not real, but it works. And so I’ve been doing that for awhile concurrently back in the 70s, I guess around the mid-seventies. I got this big target rash on my inner thigh and I thought, wow, that must be a big spider bite or something. No one had heard of Lyme disease. And I showed it to my sister and she said, wow, that’s what you get. And cause like, cause I was a bad girl, you know, that’s what you get. No, no. It’s a spider bite major thing. And from then on everything started going downhill. I worked very hard, you know, I supported myself, but I had terrible bouts of depression, extreme tiredness. I learned to live on coffee. I would start the morning with a double espresso and keep going in order to keep going. And I started getting …

I dunno, I just, it’s all, almost all a blur, profound depression and a lot of issues throughout my life. And then around 1989 I said, I’m so tired, I feel like I have seven up in my veins. I didn’t have blood in my veins anymore. And that’s when the doctor said, well then nothing, you know, go home, lady. And I moved here and then I got Lyme disease. Cause by then this was I guess…

in the 2000s. I did get bitten by a real tick and it was Lyme and Babesia. So I went to the doctor and he said, well, I think it, you know, it could be Lyme, you can choose to take antibiotics or not. We’ll see. Why don’t you wait until Monday. It was over the weekend and I was a zombie. I almost got into a car accident. I couldn’t think my brain had checked out. And Sunday night I woke up in the middle of the night with a fever of 103, so I went and I was afraid to go to the ER cause I knew of a woman who’d gone to the ER with a high fever, had been left on a gurney and had brain damage from being ignored for five hours with a terribly high fever. And I thought, well, I better take care of myself. So I went to the freezer and got a bag of frozen peas and put it on my neck, you know, next morning called came in, got the Doxycycline and within an hour I felt better, but I wasn’t better.

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I knew I wasn’t better, even though I was taking the Doxy. And I felt better, but something was saying, no, you’re, you’re really still really sick. And I was afraid of losing my mind because it was just such fog. Anyway. I had a neighbor, Ron Young, whom you may know, and he moved about 10 years before he had moved to Italy to practice his psychic healing. And I know Ron works because he cured my horse at three days of a joint swelling that the vet had given up on. It’s, it’s so cool. So anyway, Ron had been gone. I never kept touch with him. He was gone to Italy 10 years before and I was lying on my bed of pain and there’s a knock at the door. I go to the door, Ron Young, who did he kind of ascended from wherever he came from the skies.

And I said, Ron, haven’t seen you forever. Blah, blah, blah. Oh yeah, I was, I was in the neighborhood. And he said, well, how are you doing? And I said, oh, I’m recovering from Lyme. And he looked at me hard and he said you know, it’s more serious than you think it is. You can get dementia. And I took that aboard, but I wanted to pretend it wasn’t serious and I was going to be okay. And blah, blah, blah. So we went to visit the horse and did stuff. And something told me to ask him again, the name of the doctor, he recommended Dr. Szulc and he said, you know, it’ll cost you but it’s worth it. And so I went to see Dr. Szulc and while I was there, I saw there was one woman who came in, she had been a world champion swimmer and she came in kind of like this and people for the last 10 years had been telling her she had Parkinson’s. And she said, no, she had had Lyme all these years and it presented with some symptoms of Parkinson’s.

So they were treating her for Parkinson’s and she wasn’t getting better, but she was getting better with Dr. Szulc. And others who came in saying, yeah, they said I had MS. And there was a woman who, this is so sad, this beautiful young girl who had gone on a cruise for her honeymoon and got really sick on the cruise and just couldn’t get better. Her new husband said, well, I know I said for sickness and health, but this is too much. So he dumped her and she went home to live with her parents and was so sick. She lived in Maryland I think, and came up to see Dr. Szulc and was getting better. So I’m thinking all of these people, all the huddled masses from the teeming shores coming in to be treated. And yes, Dr. Szulc, I was interested in the woo woo magic stuff he was doing, but I didn’t question it because this was my last rodeo.

If I couldn’t get better here, it wasn’t going to happen. And I was desperate enough to say, do what you will. Let’s have it. And I got better and better and better and started, you know, coming back to life. And I became me. And I think the most profound thing is that my personality changed. It got better. It affected my brain somehow. So I had become very reclusive, cranky. I had friends, lots of friends, but I just didn’t want people around. And when my brain started to heal the rest, you know, it’s again, it’s like coming back from Vietnam with PTSD, you know, you realize you do have a situation caused by what you went through, but it is getting better because I can now see it. I’m not in it anymore. I can see it.

And so I’ve been going to Dr. Szulc, I want to go at least twice a year for checkup, get things fixed. I think it had been mentioned that there’s some, we call it onioning, I guess where layers and layers of old illnesses, work the way to the surface as the first layers come off. And I think that’s what I’m working on now. I might even be working on that Lyme I caught back in the 70s. I might be working on the old mumps, for what I know, but it’s been a wonderful, just a wonderful journey here. And here’s what I really like, is that it introduces you into the world of that other world, the world that most people don’t even want to know about. I asked Dr. Szulc, well, how does this work? And he said, well, you have to know a little bit about quantum physics.

And I thought, well, okay, I’ll just take your word for it. But the thing is, I’m just thinking this morning about how with quantum physics, I think they’ve shown matter or an object and be in two places at the same time, and that there is this other world that is there at the same time that this world is. And it’s all working and magic and all that stuff. And I love it and it’s, it’s working for me. So I think for me, the way I approached it, and this may not be what you want to hear, but I just thought of it as, okay, here’s the Bataan Death March. I’m just going to do it. I’m going to do whatever they want and I’m going to just see it through because it has to, it has to be better. Plus, I really trusted Ron young. You know, the reason I did it is because of him.

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I remember feeling energetic again for the first time in a long time, waking up in the morning and thinking, wait a minute, I’m 30 years old again. And having, just knowing that the real me was coming out, that I was coming back to life, that Lazarus has finally come out of his tomb. You know, that the depression and the bone-crunching, exhaustion and the dependence on coffee to just, just make life worthwhile. That was, that was lifting and I would have energy. I would feel like dancing again and doing things. And it was, it was great just, and I didn’t have any overt symptoms except being just so tired and brain foggy. So there wasn’t, I couldn’t say I got out of my wheelchair or anything, but I got out of my emotional wheelchair and out of my exhaustion wheelchair.

And it makes you look forward to each day instead of, Oh my God, another day I, I just need the strength to keep going. You know, 20 years ago, I wouldn’t have taken it anyway because I knew it all. You know, I have friends who are suffering from chronic Lyme. I have my neighbor across the street. One day he couldn’t breathe and he called his wife and said, I can’t breathe. She called the ER, the ambulance came, they brought him into the ER. It was Lyme and they cured him with, well, you know, they gave him the Doxy, but now he has terrible arthritis and he’s in pain all the time. And I say, gee, I, you know, I love for you to see Dr. Szulc. He really cured me. But they don’t want to hear about homeopathy. They don’t want to hear about magic lights and secret stuff and IVs and things like that.

But regular people don’t want to hear about it. First of all, it’s not paid by Medicare. And it is, you know, I said, I have a choice. I can either get a new car this year or I can get my health back. You know, that’s an easy choice. So I think that’s, you know, you may not want to run this one on your ad, but, but I think that is one of the issues. That’s why I’d love to see you expand your trained people to do what he does. Carry the torch because it’s such a gift to get your health back. So, well, I’ve been feeling kind of sleepy, kind of kind of 85%. I felt great. I think it goes like this. I have to accept the fact that and tell him I onioned all the way down to the mumps that I will be dealing with this, but I certainly feel better than I have before I’m old, but by my joints don’t hurt, you know?

I was out bicycling with a friend yesterday, you know, and doing all sorts of chores and I feel very much alive even though I’m only 80% alive, I still feel so much more alive than when I was in my forties and 50s. It is your task. It is your task in life. My job is to keep healing emotionally, physically, and all other, you know, this is my, this is your job in life because this is your, this is your vehicle. I was trying to explain death to a little kid. I’ve volunteered at Ronald McDonald house years ago when they were little kids and he wanted to talk about death and nobody, you’re not gonna die, you’re not gonna die. And of course, he knew he was gonna die. So, you know, we talked about it and I said, well, you know, to me it’s kind of like you get into a little Volkswagen beetle and you drive along and then you get to where you want to be.

So you get out of the vehicle, out of the beetle and you walk off to where you want to be and that vehicle is your body. And you know, he kinda liked that. But the main thing, that’s how I see it if you don’t keep your, your tires rotated and your engine clean and, and the oil changed your, your Volkswagen, it’s gonna break down and you’re not going to be where you want to be spiritually. Cause I think these carcasses carry us through this life so that we can complete what we have to do on this planet. So what, you know, it’s funny about hope because I think for my journey I was hopeless, but I had to keep going forward. I knew I just, I had no hope, but I had to keep going on, like being in a concentration camp or something, you’d just have to keep going.

And I think I would, would’ve just kept treading along if it hadn’t been for Ron Young, basically showing up out of nowhere. And I did not know that I would get back tenfold from my expenditure. I had no idea that I could feel so good. I did it basically because Ron said so, and he, you know, he’s cool number one. And number two, because as I said before, for me it’s just, okay, keep going forward. Just keep, keep moving. Fine. I’ll do this one, then I’ll do another one. And I didn’t realize that this was, I’ve arrived, this is where I need to be in order to maintain my health. And so there we are, reap the rewards.

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