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Fermented Beet Juice Capsule

Adding probiotics to your diet is widely accepted as necessary for supporting gut microbiome health. Kombucha, kimichi, kefir—fermented foods and drinks and probiotic supplements have gained popularity as natural ways to increase your microbial population size and diversity. 

But what about a probiotic supplement made from organic freeze-dried fermented beet juice? The dual benefits of probiotics and fermented beets seem like the best of both worlds, right? 

In this product review of Visanto fermented organic beet juice capsules, you’ll find out why this product might be right for you. 

The Modern Gut Dilemma 

Our modern way of living has left us in a bit of a pickle (fermented food pun intended) when it comes to our gut microbiomes. The casual use of antibiotics, our love affair with cleaning products, concrete communities, EMF pollution, and overly processed diets have taken a toll on the intricate and sensitive ecosystem that exists in our guts. 

Studies have found that many of the diseases affecting westernized countries are associated with dysbiosis (disruption to the microbiota) and loss of microbial diversity in the gut microbiome, which is linked to our modern way of life. Shockingly, there are more bacterial cells in our bodies (about 40 trillion) than human cells (about 30 trillion), so disruptions to those microbial populations can cause serious health problems. Each species of bacteria plays a different role in the body, including communicating with your immune cells to respond to infections and controlling brain function. When a certain species is missing or low in numbers, the role it plays in the body is affected (i.e., immune health, mental heath, digestive health, etc). 

Fortunately, there are ways to support, replenish, and heal our gut microbiomes so that they can perform the invaluable and life-sustaining services that they do for us. 

An Organic Fermented Beet Juice Supplement 

Visanto is a family-owned business with 20 years of experience in natural therapies. So, it only seemed natural that they would extend their business to create a product line of the highest quality supplements. This includes their organic fermented beet juice supplement to help naturally balance the gut microbiome and support digestion. The key ingredient, freeze-dried juice from fermented beets, acts as a probiotic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory. 

Our Recommendation: Visanto Fermented Beet Juice Capsules 

As the health benefits associated with eating a diet dense in fruits and vegetables are well-documented, some attention has shifted to looking more specifically at foods that are classified as “functional foods,” which are defined as foods that provide attentional benefits beyond their nutritional value. Beetroot is considered one of those prized health-promoting functional foods. Aside from providing a dietary source of nitrate (an essential compound for managing cardiovascular health), it is rich in several other bioactive compounds that may offer health benefits for disorders related to chronic inflammation (the root of most diseases). 

Fermenting beets adds an additional layer of health benefits. The fermentation process allows existing good bacteria in the beets to multiply, creating a probiotic-rich food. Visanto takes organic fermented beets, creates a juice from them, then freeze-dries the juice, and finally packs it into easy-to-swallow cellulose capsules. 

At Innovative Medicine, we are strong advocates of using the power of plant nutrition to support an internal environment that is conducive to health and healing. Visanto fermented beet juice capsules were created to do just that—support gut health, which in turn supports whole-body health. 

Optimal health, recovery, and healing require harmony, and creating a harmonious inner milieu is very dependent on your microbial landscape. The right amount and right diversity of microorganisms support self-regulation and the body’s desired state of homeostasis. This can be achieved through eating a predominantly plant-based diet, avoiding antibiotics unless absolutely necessary, limiting exposure to EMFs, reducing stress and toxicity levels, and supplementing your gut microbial community with high-quality products like Visanto organic fermented beet juice capsules. 

Who Should Try Fermented Beet Juice Capsules?

This product is intended only for adults. If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medications, it is best if you consult your healthcare professional before introducing any new supplements into your diet. If you have a sensitivity to beets, fermented products, or apples (the fiber is used in the capsule), Visanto beet juice capsules are not suitable for you. 

It should also be noted, as with all supplements, that it does not replace a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle practices; it only supplements healthy habits. Aside from the above-mentioned, fermented beet juice capsules are a great option for anyone who wants to support their gut microbiome and digestive system. 

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