Resonance Phenomena and Bioresonance


In physics, resonance is the tendency of a system to oscillate. Resonance phenomena occurs with all types of vibrations or waves: there is mechanical resonance, acoustic resonance, electromagnetic resonance, and also biological resonance of living systems (bioresonance). Resonant systems can be used to generate vibrations of a specific frequency, or pick out specific frequencies from a complex vibration containing many frequencies (e.g. filters). This rule of physics is the main concept that allows a new age of personalized (and truly innovative) medicine to work so effectively.

Bioresonance Examined

It has been discovered that a living organism is capable of reading ultra-fine signals and recognizing these signals in fractions of a second due to superior resonator qualities. These resonators in organisms are essentially the cell membranes, in which the body uses a multi-channel system for transferring signals via nerve paths (the meridians and protein chains of the tissues). This is true for the human body where superconductive chains of molecules can be found.

The research of Kamerlingh-Onnes, Bednarz, Muller, and Frohlich in superconductivity brought them Nobel prizes in Physics due to their discovery of solitary wave packets called solitons. Solitons are waves which move like particles along a conductor. In the human body, such waves occur along the protein chains.

The protein chain system along with solitons movement along them are comparable to Lecher lines, known from electrical engineering – aptly named after the Austrian physicist Ernst Lecher (1856-1926). Lecher lines consist of two wires running parallel to each other which are connected in such a way that a high frequency wave develops along the system and between the wires. The wires have a natural frequency defined by their length.

The human body has a similar system in the protein chains. The solitons behave as scalar waves (electro-acoustic waves) along the protein chains. If a signal strikes a protein chain and does not break up the forces of coherence, it is then passed on with the aid of these electrons. The signal transport in our organism takes place in both the nervous system and in the protein chains in the tissue through the use of solitons.

Oscillating Circuits & the Body

An oscillating circuit is a circuit containing inductance and capacity. When supplied with energy from an external source, it is set in electrical vibration and oscillates at its natural frequency. From such a circuit, energy is readily given off in the form of waves. By taking a suitable condenser and inductance-coil, the frequency of oscillation may be raised to any required value. The fundamental principle of work in this field from scientists such as Georges Lakhovsky is: “Every living being emits radiations”. According to Lakhovsky, the nucleus of a living cell may be compared to an electrical oscillating circuit. Every cell of every individual tissue of any particular species is characterized by its own oscillation.

Principles of Bioresonance:

  • Every living being emits radiations
  • The great majority of living beings (with very few exceptions) are capable of receiving and detecting waves
  • Every living cell is essentially dependent on its nucleus which is the center of oscillations, and gives off radiation

The nuclei are actual electric circuits endowed with self-inductance and capacity and consequently capable of oscillating. These circuits oscillate according to a range of wavelengths whose magnitude depends essentially on the values of spirals and capacities. A cell consists essentially of a nucleus or central system, immersed in protoplasm, which itself is surrounded by a semipermeable membrane. An examination of the nucleus reveals the existence of small, twisted filaments constituting actual electric currents. They are composed of organic materials and mineral conductors, covered by a tubular membrane of insulating material consisting of phospholipids, and other dielectric substances. These circuits of extremely low values in regard to spiral and capacity, may oscillate with a very high frequency and give off radiations of various wavelengths.

Interesting Fact: Albert Nodon found that Golden, Black, and Green Beetles, flies, spiders, and other living insects give off an amount of radioactivity equivalent to three to fifteen times the uranium value for equal mass. Dead plants and animals do not show any evidence of detectable radioactivity, for it seems that natural radiation is essential for the maintenance of life. This radioactivity is a manifestation of cellular oscillation. If the nucleus is destroyed, oscillation ceases and the cell dies.

In the case of living cells, the number of the particles constituting a single cell is incalculable. According to Raphael Dubois, it would take 250 million years, provided it were possible to count at the rate of one million per second, to estimate the sum total of particles contained in the egg of a Silk worm.

Whatever the number may be, these vibrating units continuously communicate with themselves by means of oscillation. Molecules which are brought into the blood by food or formed within the organism from simple elements are set into motion, attracted or repulsed by the play of cellular oscillations.

Toxins are the waste products of cells and of dead microbes. As they are no longer living, these waste products neutralize the oscillatory movement of neighboring cells and weaken them or cause their destruction. These inert particles attract living particles, and their proximity modifies the electrical capacity of living cells which no longer oscillate in accordance with their specific frequency; hence disease or death.

Bioresonance, based off the research into Resonance Phenomena and Georges Lakhovsky’s scientific work may be summarized in the form of this three-fold principle:

  • Life is created by radiation
  • Life is maintained by radiation
  • Life is destroyed by oscillatory disequilibrium

Application in Medicine

Through the understanding that every living organism radiates and oscillates, there comes the realization that with the proper tools one may decode these radiating waves and decipher the information it contains as it relates to health.

With Bioresonance Analysis of Health, one can access all internal (intra / intercellular) and external (environmental) information that is stored within DNA through the principle of resonance phenomena. Utilizing a Lecher Instrument as a scientific tool capable of registering wavelengths and oscillations from the human body, and a systematic set of medical parameters, physicians may now identify all dysfunctions in the body as well as the correct medications and treatments needed to correct these dysfunctions with accuracy.

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