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Meet Ben. Ben was a vibrant young man, surfing around the world and enjoying his life when his health mysteriously began to deteriorate. Years went by as he navigated the medical field and searched for answers to his debilitating illness. Fortunately, his healing journey led him to our clinic where he regained his health. Today he serves as a beacon of hope for others.

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From bedridden and losing mental function to healthy and thriving.

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Gain a better appreciation for Ben's journey from chronic Lyme disease to health with his TEDx talk.

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“Dr. Szulc and his team at Innovative Medicine have helped me become the healthiest version of myself. I love their 360° mind, body, spirit approach to medicine.”

Miranda Kerr

Founder and CEO of Kora Organics

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Getting to the Root Cause

Shedding Light on the Cause

Being a documentary maker, Frazer knew how to tell other’s stories. When it came to his own healing story, that was a bit more difficult. After years of searching for the cause of his chronic fatigue a chance encounter with the medical team at NYCIM led him to discover a dental infection was the culprit. He went on to produce the documentary ‘Root Cause’ based off his story and shed a light on the dangers of root canals and hidden dental infections.

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“Innovative Medicine was able to tell me the primary reason for my fatigue. I owe a massive deal of gratitude to them.”

Frazer Bailey

Director of “e-Motion” and “Root Cause

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Testimonials and Features

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This type of medicine is a very powerful paradigm shift and very worth taking the time to learn.”

Lair Ribeiro, MD Former Medical Director Merck Sharp & Dohme

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Innovative Medicine provides a significant opportunity for humanity. We all should embrace this movement and collaborate to step up and move forward.”

Tony Singh Board of Directors, Max Healthcare

Kathleen St. John

Cancer + High Toxicity

“I once again, “woke up”…I entered into treatment over a few months to, I am happy to report, a renewed state of health.”

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Kim Delgado

Mysterious Illness

“I had a doctor in Connecticut. I had a doctor in New Jersey. I went to Pennsylvania. I mean, I went everywhere. Then I found NYCIM.”
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Brooke Procida

Lyme Disease

“I can say this – the life that I have stepped into on the other side of Lyme is extraordinary beyond what I could have known.”

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Fawn Kreiger

Chronic Illness

“At the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, I can feel a sense of hope, not just that my body is always working to heal itself, but that my journey through healing is itself a restoration in trust and love.”

Carrick Rowe

Rheumatoid Arthritis

“NYCIM helped me find wellness and balance. I am so thankful to have this knowledge that I can share with my children and keep them healthy, too.”

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Barbara Cervasio


“The same shoe does not fit everyone. NYCIM helped me on my healing journey with the modalities and energy I needed.”

Review From Medical Industry Professionals

“Innovative Medicine is the future of healthcare. This is how we should be practicing medicine.”

Dr. James DiNicolantonio, Author of “The Immunity Fix“ Listen to Dr. James DiNicolantonio on our podcast

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