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Settle into a soothing, stress-relieving, sleep-promoting soak in the tub while also helping your body detoxify with this delicious detox bath salts blend. While your bath is filling, let’s learn more about this powerful bath blend.

Toxins Everywhere You Turn 

Every day we are exposed to toxins. These health-compromising contaminates can be found lurking in our air, food, water, furniture, electronic devices, cosmetics, household cleaners, medications, plastic containers and bottles, and even our children’s toys.

Shockingly, “more than 40,000 chemicals are used in consumer products in the U.S,” according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Negative thoughts and stress are also considered toxic and can have profound health implications. While you can certainly take action and limit your exposure to certain toxins, there is, unfortunately, no escaping them all. 

But, it’s not all doom and gloom! You happen to house an incredible detoxification system right inside in your very own body. Your liver, kidneys, large intestines, and skin are the body’s main drivers of toxin elimination. However, they need your support, too. And, no, that doesn’t mean jumping on the trendy bandwagon of quick-fix detox programs! 

Your body needs your continual and holistic support in the form of:

Rowe Casa Organics Detox Bath Salts—Our Recommendation 

Rowe Casa Organics was born out of a mother’s mission to keep her family of five healthy. When Jill Rowe teamed up with her sister Alicia and her business-minded husband Mike, an empowering enterprise was born. 

Today, they have over 150 natural and toxic-free products to improve sleep, support the immune system, balance hormones, promote self-care, and maintain a healthy and clean household. Their Detox Bath Salts is a product that really caught our eye as an effective and enjoyable way to support the body’s natural detoxification processes

This powerful detox bath blend includes Epsom salt, baking soda, bentonite clay, and 100% therapeutic grade essential oils copaiba, lime, cedarwood, lavender, vanilla, ocotea, and ginger. Together they work to pull out impurities and revitalize your skin and soul.

Not to mention, there are few things more relaxing and stress-soothing than a deep soak in a warm tub. It is recommended to add one to two cups of the detox mix to a bath one to two times a week. As with any detox-supporting method, staying hydrated is vital. 

How It Works 

It’s all in the ingredients! The combination of Epsom salt, baking soda, bentonite clay, and essential oils work together to inspire relaxation, stress relief, and toxin elimination. 

Epsom Salt 

Epsom salt, which is not actually salt but a mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate, has long been used as a multi-purpose remedy administered in the form of a bath for skin irritations, inflammation, muscle and joint pain or soreness and stress. It also draws out toxins from the body. Widely recognized for its remarkable healing properties, it’s no wonder it is the first ingredient in Rowe Casa Organics Detox Bath Salts. 

Baking Soda

A baking soda bath, especially when combined with Epsom salt and essential oils, has cleansing and detoxifying properties. Baking soda can also boost circulation, promote healing, support the immune system, and help alleviate a wide variety of skin conditions. 

Bentonite Clay 

Bentonite clay is made of volcanic ash and the minerals potassium, silica, sodium, iron, copper, calcium, and magnesium. The clay molecules and a combination of minerals attract, bind, and accumulate toxins. As explained by the IM Health Team, this works because “toxins frequently carry a positive charge. Clay particles counteract this by carrying a negative charge, specifically when combined with water. Similar to how the opposite ends of a magnet are attracted to each other, so are the toxins and the clay. In this way, the clay molecules pull the toxins out of your skin.” 

Essential Oils 

The addition of copaiba, lime, cedarwood, lavender, vanilla, ocotea, and ginger essential oils to the Epson salt, baking soda, and magnetic clay mixture creates a perfectly balanced natural detox bath. Each essential oil in the detox bath salt blend brings its own benefits that complement one another and the other detoxing ingredients. 

  • Copaiba oil supports the immune, cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems. It also promotes a peaceful environment. 
  • Cedarwood oil helps aid in relaxation. 
  • Lavender eases tension, stress, and anxiety, as well as soothes skin irritations. 
  • Vanilla is a balancing and moisturizing essential oil. 
  • Ocotea oil is used for its skin-cleansing properties. 
  • Lime oil promotes healthy immune function and inspires a balanced atmosphere. 
  • Ginger oil is added for its calming aroma. 

Why We Recommend It

Your body was designed to naturally detoxify and self-heal. However, our modern world is full of toxins that can easily accumulate and exceed our body’s toxicity-eliminating capabilities. There are toxins in some of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the technology we use, the furniture we sit and sleep on, and the products we use to take care of our health and hygiene. Combine exposure to all those daily toxins with insufficient sleep and too much work and stress, and you’ve created the perfect environment for disease. 

Fortunately, there are some natural ways to help support your body’s detoxing processes; Rowe Casa Organics Detox Bath Salts is one of those wonderful ways. 

Who Should Use It?

Rowe Casa Organics Detox Bath Salts is for everyone! Aside from the physical detoxification support this natural aromatic mixture offers, there are inherent benefits of just taking time to decompress, disconnect, and relax in a nice warm bathtub.  Purchase Rowe Casa Organics Detox Bath Salts here.

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