Heather Claybrook

It’s a scary thought, but as many as 50% of us have toxic mold in our homes and offices. This may seem merely troublesome, but it’s truly staggering when we consider that toxic mold predisposes us to nearly every chronic disease, including Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. So we’re speaking with Heather Claybrook, a medical professional who hasn’t just treated mold toxicity in her patients but has dealt with it herself and made a full recovery.  

Heather is an integratively trained Physician Assistant and Clinical Director at Simply Midland, an integrative wellness center in Midland Texas.

I can say this cuz I was a mold patient, they are a little crazy because it does, it messes with your hormones. It messes with your brain and you are emotional. And then you find out that you’ve gotta remediate your whole house and maybe get rid of all your clothes and your couch and all of the things.

– Heather Claybrook

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