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Short Story – Nature vs Pharma with Ben Ahrens

Nature versus Pharma, it’s a topic we wrote about almost 10 years ago in our article, “Nature vs Pharma in Fighting Pandemics.” We’re re-exploring this subject in a short podcast with the original writer, Ben Ahrens. What were the lessons we could have learned almost a decade ago when it comes to pandemics? How can we find a balance between the two? What are the actions we can take to improve our ‘healability’ and move beyond our reliance on pharmaceutical intervention?

Have a listen. 

Whenever we’re talking about any sort of treatment, whether natural or pharmaceutical, I think we have to also include in our line of thinking and include in the discussion the body’s role and how we can not just use these tools available to us to influence the body in a positive direction, but also how we can prime the body or optimize the body to do what it naturally does. 

– Ben Ahrens

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