The Quantum Level of Health

Information as an Integral Determinant of Health

We are living in the Information Age, where the phenomenon of access to information dictates much of the economy as well as social and societal functioning. The vast discoveries into the science of DNA and genetics stress the importance of information as a critical aspect to guiding the various functions within a human & this very information is what exhibits into physical reactions that sustain life.

“Ask anybody what the universe is made of, and you are likely told matter and energy. Yet, if we have learned anything from engineering, biology, and physics, information is just as crucial an ingredient.”
– Physicist Jacob D. Bekenstein

Key Concepts of Informational Transfer through Medicine and Healing

The vast discoveries within quantum physics, that include but are not limited to quantum coherence, quantum entanglement, wave theory, and quantum information science, provide us an understanding of the importance information on the most basic quantum level has on the physical matter state of being. The study and progress in DNA science and genetics, such as Dr. Peter Gariaev’s work in wave genetics, has proven features within DNA provide wave interchanges with the body’s genetic information and this then exhibits into physical reactions that sustain life. So to do external informational interchanges with DNA and the body adversely affect functioning on a cellular to a systematic level, and contribute to the formation of pathological dysfunction seen in the top level of the physical as disease.

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At this time scientific experiments at the Atomic Institute in Vienna demonstrate that different plants contain different radiation patterns (informational transfer signals). Every plant possesses a quite individual field of radiation: a particular ‘energy fingerprint’ that when provided to the human body in the proper manner can instruct and regulate functioning. Other research published in the British Homeopathic Journal by an Indian professor of biophysics (R.R. Sharma) showed that the energetic information contained in homeopathic medicines is able to cross the blood-brain barrier in a matter of approximately 8 seconds and thus deliver therapeutic effects in a deep manner.

Note: This is precisely the reason Soluna medicines are prescribed one at a time, and not together at once.

Soluna Medicines Action on the Quantum State Level

Informational-Level-3-RingsSpagyric influence on this level comes through the unification and enhancement of the distillate and macerate plant, herb, and mineral material. Utilizing the quantum state level information found in every biological substance, and enhancing its footprint through spagyric processing allows for deep level activation and regulation of cellular functioning. This is where the postulate of “Self-Healability” arises, in which a medication can influence a subject at the deepest informational state, just as DNA has an informational influence on actions within the body.

Soluna spagyric medicines elicit strong reactions at this quantum level, and deliver the correct information to activate self-regulation of bodily systems and mechanisms. The reaction to this information then influences the higher states of emotional and physical health, and provides the basis of self-sustainable health.

Practitioner’s often wonder why the Soluna spagyric medications contain a high percentage of ethyl alcohol (between ~15-50%). The reason for this is because alcohol is a wonderful carrier of information (as is water), and acts as a preservative of both physical and energetic qualities. Natural medications that are in pill or capsule form lack this quality of efficient information transfer.

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