About ACMOS Method

The ACMOS method is a non-invasive specialty therapy for the balancing of a patient’s energetic fields and to reestablish proper energetic signaling within the body. This unique approach combines the wisdom of ancient traditional medicine with the scientific discoveries of modern molecular biology. The influence of Chinese traditional medicine as well as decades of research in biophysics and bioenergetics, culminated with the creation of the ACMOS Method as a ground-breaking and one-of-a-kind medical system.

ACMOS is an acronym derived from the “Analysis of the Compatibility of Matter on the Organism and its Synergy“. This scientifically based and clinically verified modality provides a number of benefits over other established treatment options. An illness through the manifestation of its symptoms reflects an energetic imbalance that is deeply rooted within the body. The surface symptoms affecting the body should be seen as warnings or indications of the imbalance of energy within. Treatment dictated by surface indicators or symptoms of an illness is therefore ineffective.

The origins of the ACMOS method goes back over 25 years. After years of research and development, Dr. Rene Naccachian (engineer, researcher in biophysics, a bioenergetician, Doctor in energetic medicine, sciences and molecular biology, as well as a recipient of the prestigious French Gold Medal award in the field of science from the Societe D’Encouragement au Progres) successfully realized this unique and sophisticated modality now practiced worldwide with excellent clinical results. The aim of the ACMOS method is to reestablish the energetic qualities of the body and restore its proper self-organization and adaptation ability so that one may achieve the energetic balance we simply know as perfect health.

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Benefits of ACMOS Method

Clinical experience has shown that ACMOS method may be used for a number of conditions and issues, and that the benefits include:

  • Strengths the body energetically allowing it to better cope with the diverse aggressions
  • Correction of disturbances within the body’s energy fields before they develop into symptomatic illness
  • Early detection of the presence of a dysfunction that may well be invisible to traditional specialist imaging equipment
  • Effectively finds and neutralizes interference fields that would ordinarily affect patients on an ongoing basis

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