About Biosyntonie

Biosyntonie is a non-invasive natural therapy used to mitigate the harmful effects of electromagnetic and geopathic stress, while at the same time supporting and enhancing the body’s own natural energy pathways. The specialty discs used within Biosyntonie may also be provided to the patient to reduce harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution and other energetic stressors.

Biosyntonie “devices” are ceramic discs composed primarily of uniquely arranged silica crystals. These crystals give off their own waves that block and eliminate harmful electromagnetic pollution coming from electrical components and sources. All man made electromagnetic waves have a 2-dimensional sinus form. All naturally occurring waves that we need and are beneficial to us have a 3-dimensional vortex form. Biosyntonie disks interact with these 2-dimensional waves eliminating and converting them into beneficial vortex waves.

Biosyntonie can also be used as a form of natural therapy prescribed by the practitioner. Specific ceramic discs designed to stimulate the body’s acupuncture points (and are different from the discs used to protect from electromagnetic pollution) act like tuning forks that re-energize key acupuncture points. The therapy therefore is an efficient energy modality.

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Benefits of Biosyntonie

Clinical experience has shown that biosyntonie may be used for a number of conditions and issues, and that the benefits include:

  • Neutralizes the effects of harmful electromagnetic fields/ electromagnetic pollution
  • Increases energy through the restoration of the normal vortex waves by using resonance
  • Restores one’s natural emotional and physical harmony
  • Uses natural and non-invasive techniques

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