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Getting to the bottom of why disease ensues and persists

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Innovative Medicine recognizes the body’s natural state is one of health, and that disease is the result of multiple causes that disrupt this natural order. Therefore, the approach to healing is not to manage symptoms or fight the disease head-on, but rather treat the patient using a highly personalized and comprehensive approach that corrects all root causes to the point where disease can no longer persist.

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An allergy is traditionally defined as an exaggerated immune response or reaction to a foreign substances with a multitude of symptoms and no exact cause. Although genetic and environmental factors do play a role, a new holistic model views allergies as an unusual sensitivity in which the brain views a substance and its energetic imprint as a threat. The substance causes energy blockages in meridians, and interferes with the nervous system and a whole array of various organs.


Depression affects approximately 5% of the Earth's population, and comes in many forms, including persistent depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, manic-depressive illness, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Although brain chemistry, hormones and genetics all play factors, there are a multitude of other unseen causative agents that can shed light on successful treatment of depression.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease has become a major health issue in the 21st century. Despite a very short existence (recognized as a “new disease” in 1975 in the small New England town of Lyme, Connecticut) it is estimated that Lyme disease organisms may be a major contributing factor in a great number of chronically ill people. We explore some of the more unknown factors of Lyme, as well as advanced integrative and holistic therapies that have led to high levels of success.

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