About Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a psycho-emotional therapy and a form of psychological acupressure, based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments, but without the invasiveness of needles. Instead, simple tapping with the fingertips is used to stimulate specific meridians on the head, chest and arms, while mentally picturing a specific problem or situation – whether a traumatic event, an addiction, pain, etc. – and voicing positive affirmations. EFT is based on the theory of electromagnetic energy, which flows all through our body and plays a crucial role in taking control over our health.

Emotional Freedom Technique operates on the premise that no matter what part of your life needs improvement, there may be unresolved emotional issues standing in the way. The medical profession has long known that emotional issues can dramatically affect our body chemistry and that, in turn, can lead to everything from headaches and acute illness to addictions, impaired immune systems and even more chronic diseases such as cancer.

This combination of tapping the energy meridians and voicing positive affirmation works to clear emotional blocks that contribute to poor cellular functioning and disruption of energy pathways. It is a fast-evolving treatment within the field of Energy Psychology and it’s catching attention of healers, scientists, spiritualists and many others. It is based on various theories of alternative medicine including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy (TFT). EFT combines the physical benefits of acupuncture with the cognitive benefits of conventional therapy for a much faster, more complete treatment of emotional issues, and the physical and performance issues that often result. It has received some notoriety through Gary Craig’s EFT Handbook, published in the late 1990s.

Even for physical issues and chronic pain or illness, it is common for emotional stress to impede the natural healing potential of the human body. EFT can be an ongoing process used to clear out old traumas and welcome any new challenges with a healthy, positive attitude. As guilt, anger, fear, trauma and the like become resolved, physical ailments often subside simultaneously.

EFT can help with a variety of emotional and physical issues such as weight-loss, anger and anxiety, phobias, and beyond.

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Benefits of EFT

Clinical experience has shown that EFT may be used for a number of conditions and issues, and that the benefits include:

  • Rebalances the body’s energy system by tapping on specific meridians
  • Clears out emotional ‘debris’ which ultimately eliminates ailments such as headaches, back pains and other discomforts
  • Eliminates negative thought patterns and replaces them with positive ones
  • Helps to welcome new challenges with a positive attitude
  • Can be self applied, and can be practiced anytime and anywhere (no equipment needed)

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