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If your health is feeling a little stagnant as of late or if you want new ways to speed up healing and recovery, this article is for you. 

When it comes down to it, our health suffers when we quit working toward optimization or we quit paying attention to it altogether. Yet, small drops of water in a bucket add up. Is your health bucket full? And most importantly, if it is, how can you get back on track?

In this article, we’ve got five home upgrades to help you speed up healing and optimize your life for overall health. Many of these upgrades are very simple, very much drug-free and au naturel. For the most part, they help keep things flowing within the body, providing you with the optimal environment for healing and eventually, thriving. 

So, how can you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to upgrading your home for improved health? Let’s dive straight in.

1. Improve Your Air Quality

Air quality is no joke. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) states that every nine out of 10 people in the world are breathing polluted air. 

About seven million people die each year from polluted air. Polluted air can impact the respiratory and cardiovascular system, leading to stroke, heart attack, lung cancer, infection, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, and more.

This isn’t to scare you. 

However, it should drive you to take action. Again, drops in a bucket add up. The same is true for your health and the entities impacting it. While most of us have very little control over the air pollution crisis worldwide, the same can’t be said regarding the air within our own homes. Thus, this is where you’ll want to start making changes to improve the air you breathe.

So, where do you start?

Air purification systems can help remove toxins, allergens, smoke, and mold from the air in your home. In fact, mold toxicity is the cause of about 20% of asthma cases.

At the same time, air purification can only go so far. Keeping your home as clean and dust-free as possible goes a long way. Additionally, some research indicates the effectiveness of certain houseplants when it comes to filtering the air you breathe from toxins or pollutants. 

We recommend using a combination of the above approaches to ensure you are breathing in the highest quality air possible, while also reducing the amount of toxins that enter your body. When the body becomes overburdened with toxins, the liver and other systems have to work that much harder to detoxify.

This places strain on the whole system, which can hinder recovery, healing, and overall good health. Start by ensuring that the air you breathe is as good as it can be. You’ll feel better and your body will be able to function with less disruption.

2. Speed Up Healing With Structured Water

Like air quality, water quality also matters, especially when you’re trying to speed up healing — or when you simply want to improve your overall health and wellness.

Water, like air, is something you consume every single day. It is a priceless entity that is necessary for the survival of the human body. Ideally, the water you drink each day should have zero pathogens, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Yet, water treatment plans do not currently test for pharmaceuticals, which means that the water you drink has the potential to cause harm even on a micro-level.

This doesn’t mean you can’t trust your tap water. It simply means that there are entities in your tap water that could accumulate and eventually lead to more serious health situations. However, drinking energized, or structured water can ensure the water you drink daily is free of health-harming compounds.

So, what is structured water? Structured water is a particular molecular arrangement of water molecules. This change in the water’s structure makes it more easily absorbable in the human body. It also matches the internal energy of the body better and is free of contaminants, like pharmaceuticals.

How can you gain access to structured water? The John Ellis E5 Water Machine is an innovative invention that transforms any type of water into structured water. It’s also very simple to use. This machine treats the water via boiling and ultraviolet light, and it does this over a hundred times per gallon of water. The process ensures both clean water and water that better matches the energy and frequency of the body.

If it sounds a little “out there” just remember that every drop in that health bucket adds up and the more drops you can prevent, the better your health and recovery will be. Since water is something you consume every day, it’s worth trying to optimize your intake, especially as you age.

3. Make Changes to the Frequencies Around You

There are various invisible frequencies, such as wifi or Bluetooth, around you. These frequencies don’t just occur without repercussions. When it comes to these particular technological frequencies, we, as a species, might not even be fully aware of the repercussions yet, since all of this technology is still relatively new.

While we definitely aren’t recommending you go and pull the plug on your home wifi or Bluetooth devices, being aware of the risks can help you take action to reduce them.

EMF, electro-magnetic frequencies, are invisible rays of energy (radiation) that are emitted from your devices, including your cell phone, your laptop, and more. The World Health Organization has indicated that these EMFs may have cancer-causing effects.

Some health experts are even pinpointing similarities between the emerging health risks associated with EMFs and the history of the tobacco industry. It took us decades to realize how bad tobacco was in regards to a person’s health and wellness. Will it take just as long to realize the repercussions that these invisible frequencies might have on our health?

Technically, it doesn’t have to! 

Reducing the use of your technological devices and your exposure to them goes a long way. This might include taking digital detox breaks or keeping your cell phone away from you as you sleep or when you’re participating in other activities. 

If you want to take this a step further, there are also devices such as Somavedic that help rebalance the frequencies within the human body, preventing any ill effects on your health. These things are within your control, and now you have a little more knowledge on how you can change them, alleviate stagnation, and accelerate healing.

4. Learn How to Detox Properly

The body has its own detox system. Your liver and other elimination organs work hard to ensure your body isn’t overrun by toxins or metabolic byproducts. Yet, in today’s modern world, there are far more toxins than there have been in the past. What does this mean? Mostly, it  means that the body could use a little help with regular detoxification.

Above, we mentioned digital detoxing. However, there are also other ways to detox, such as using an infrared sauna, taking bentonite clay baths, limiting processed foods, eating an antioxidant-rich diet, reducing alcohol consumption, and getting enough sleep. 

Research has shown that infrared saunas may help improve detoxification by sweating out toxins, as is commonly claimed, and by simply lowering stress. Infrared sauna sessions activate the relaxation response within the body, leading to improved homeostasis throughout each organ and system. 

You may also want to explore bentonite clay baths to help detoxify the skin. There is various evidence indicating the effectiveness of these clay baths in helping remove heavy metals and microbes from the skin.

Then, there are the basics, such as watching what you eat and assessing lifestyle factors that support or derail the body’s natural detoxification systems. We explore these in more detail in the following section.

5. Alter Your Lifestyle for Fast Healing and Recovery

Your lifestyle plays a major role in the rate of healing and creating optimal health. If you’re putting high-calorie, low-nutrient food into your body, you’re not going to get as much out of it as you might like. In fact, these unhealthy habits contribute to various health issues. Your body needs certain nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to function at its full capacity. 

Similarly, the human body requires some movement to function optimally. Obtaining daily movement, whether that’s gentle stretching, walking, or a full-blown workout can do wonders for your health and healing.

Popular advice aside, there are other areas of your lifestyle you may want to examine and change. And yes, these also impact your health in more ways than one!

For instance, take a look at your environment. Is it cluttered? How would you feel after decluttering or cleaning? 

Then, there’s more basic elements, such as sleep. Are you getting enough quality sleep? What are you doing to maximize that? For example, most adults require seven to nine hours of sleep a night, as well as a cool, dark, and quiet environment to make this happen. Further, what you do before bed impacts how well you sleep. Ideally, a relaxing activity an hour or two before your bedtime sets you up for success regarding sleep.

As we expand on your lifestyle, you also want to fill your life and time with things that spark joy. Do you have a fulfilling career that you’re passionate about? Do you have meaningful relationships in your life? Do you have hobbies or activities that excite you and that you enjoy? Your mindset is a significant part of your overall health. 

Scientific evidence continues to flood mainstream medical advice with ideas linking the mind and body together.  For instance, if you have a mindset that you will never heal and never feel good again, this might actually become your truth. In many ways, what the mind believes, that body achieves.

Examine your lifestyle. Uncover places where you can optimize your environment and your mindset to lead a healthy, more joyful life where you can recover better.

Simplify Health, Don’t Overcomplicate It

There’s always room for improvement. Mostly, it’s about doing the best you can with the resources you have available to you. At the same time, most individuals can take a more holistic approach to their life and their healing journey. If you’re wanting to speed up healing or you’re striving toward optimal health, use our five tips above to upgrade your home and lead a better life.

At Innovative Medicine, we encourage individuals to find natural and holistic ways to approach their health issues. Sometimes, the answer is simple and is just about reducing the drops in your health bucket. Some simple home upgrades, as described above, can help in this regard.

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