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It’s one of the cornerstones of Innovative Medicine – quality over quantity. We understand that quality determines results, and turned to our medical team to ensure all the products listed on Innovative Medicine are of the highest quality. Whether a personal care supplement or educational resource, we bring you only the very best in advanced integrative medicine.

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AboutBrain Disorders and Neurological Conditions presents a series of lectures by renowned physician Thomas K. Szulc, MD that shed light on many unknown causes of neurological dysfunctions and advanced integrative solutions. The presentations will guide you to a deeper understanding of degenerative neurological diseases as well as motor neuron disorders. What's Included:  1 DVD, accompanying guidebook Free UPS Ground shipping in the U.S.
About: This DVD series of lectures presented by renowned physician Thomas K. Szulc, MD gives new insight into what exactly is cancer, what new scientific research shows, and what are the promising new therapies and systems available for cancer. What's Included: 2 DVDs, 56 page companion guide Free UPS Ground shipping in the U.S.
Empowered Healing is the only clinically derived systematic process that addresses factors both tangible and intangible, relying on proven techniques and methods from physicians, experts and patients from around the world. This 12-week program will help you identify which areas in your life are most impacting your current state of health, and apply proven and scientifically verified approaches to improve specific categories in a simple manner.
AboutThe Role of Spirituality in Advanced Integrative Medicine is a compilation of lectures by renowned physician Thomas K. Szulc, MD. The lectures cover a wide array of topics including the successful implementation of spiritual principles, will power, Daskalos esoteric teachings, Master Deunov's teachings, Essenes teachings, Ho'oponopono, and other spiritual practices that may help to improve the overall healing process. What's Included: 2 DVD, 62 page companion guide Free UPS Ground shipping in the U.S.

Disclaimer: The listing of these therapeutic modalities, techniques, instruments, and medicines does not serve as an endorsement of any particular modality, nor is this a complete list of all therapeutic options. The exclusion of any therapy, technique, instrument, or medicine does not signify that it would not be helpful in treatment of any patient. Innovative Medicine always recommends a personalized and comprehensive program of treatment. Always consult your primary health care provider for any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.