Uplifting Spiritual Reads for the Holiday Season


Holiday season is upon us, and for many this is a time of joy and celebration. For others, it signifies the complete opposite. The stress and anxiety of the holiday season may cause many to experience depression, loneliness and a lack of fulfillment. Books are a fantastic way to offset these feelings, expand your consciousness, and reconnect spiritually. Depression itself can often times lead one to a spiritual transformation, and it can begin by reading the right books. Here are a selection of spiritual reads chosen by our Medical Advisory Board to gain a better appreciation of the spiritual side of us which often times is the missing piece to complete health.

New Integrative Model of Health and Disease Explains: Who gets sick, who heals, and why?


An in depth exploration of a new integrative model of health and disease for understanding the disease process – the CPPI (Complete Pathophysiological Process of Illness). Trace disease pathology through three distinct levels of human dysfunction as defined like never before; and in doing so, we just may find the answer to some of medicine’s most

A Scientific Comprehension of Body, Mind, and Spirit


To restore health and end the disease, a medication or treatment must address all areas of dysfunction, on all levels of the human body. These 3 levels, when corrected simultaneously, provide the key to disrupting the pathophysiological cycle of illness and ensuring long-lasting health. This is the modern-day, scientific understanding of Body, Mind, & Spirit.

What are Bodies About and For? by Bernie Siegel


Internationally known physician Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD, writes about the purpose of our bodies, going beyond the mechanistic viewpoint and delving into a spiritual understanding.