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Caspar Szulc joins the Authentic Calm Podcast to speak to host Jessi Agadoni about our cutting-edge approach to healing each patient’s unique body, mind, and spirit. He shares how his unique childhood shaped his view of medicine and inspired the creation of Innovative Medicine. Caspar and Jessi dive into their personal experiences as Sensitives and explain how this has influenced the way they understand and move through the healing process. Caspar also shares his surprising recommendations and therapies for Sensitives, taking us back to the foundations. This episode will inspire, encourage, and provide practical tools to help you grow, heal, and optimize as a Sensitive.

For us Sensitives that can note those physical manifestations of imbalance of inauthenticity very quickly, it is a gift. But for those of us that don’t feel ready to own ourselves, we can find ourselves in that situation of chronic illness.

– Jessi Agadoni

A holistic health and nutrition specialist with multiple board certifications, Jessi’s passion is to support the unique health experiences of overactivated Sensitives as they are often misunderstood and unable to resolve health imbalances through conventional medicine. She has been a guest on Your Health. Your Story. and continues to work with clients virtually, addressing everything from functional labs and nutrition consultations to flower remedies, breath work, and emotional and spiritual balancing.

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Our Innovative Medicine Health Team is a committed and impassioned group of individuals with focused efforts on exploring and shedding light on this comprehensive realm of healing - sharing insight on some of the most advanced, integrative, but most importantly, innovative topics in medicine - empowering you to be the healthiest version of you. Want to learn more? Here's our story.
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