The Body Burden


We are living in a world that even our parents wouldn’t easily recognize. Not only have we created considerable technological advancements, but we have also created pollution. The fact is, there is no place on earth where man-made chemicals are not detectable.

The human body deals with toxins like a barrel that is being continuously filled with water. Once the barrel is completely full, the water starts pouring over the sides. If toxic exposure is limited – i.e., before the barrel is full – we won’t notice that it is causing health problems. But once the body reaches that tipping point where it can’t handle another drop, its resources for detoxification become dysfunctional and illness results. When the body can no longer detoxify on its own, we put ourselves into a situation where our internal organs become exposed to toxins, which then begins to have detrimental effects.

Of the tens of thousands of chemicals we are exposed to every day, scientists estimate that we all carry at least seven hundred contaminants in our body, regardless of whether we live in a rural area, a large city, or near an industrialized zone. Some chemicals stay inside our bodies for only a short time before we naturally dispose of them through the body’s own detoxification processes: digestion/elimination, breathing, and sweating. Yet continuous exposure to these chemicals cannot be automatically removed from the body and remain in our blood, fat tissue, muscles, bones, brain tissue, and other organs. All of these chemicals contribute to our “body burden“: the total amount of these chemicals that are present in the human body at a given point in time.

And just as each of us is a unique and distinct individual, we each handle body burdens differently. Some of us are better than others at others at detoxifying the body. Whether your body is good or bad at it probably has to do with genetics. This is why toxins affect some of us more than others.

Drainage Remedies

As a health care provider, you may want to prescribe products that improve drainage. These are natural remedies created from potent herbal extracts made from plant shoots, leaves, and flowers. This technique was first developed in the early 1900s as a way of improving the body’s ability to heal itself. Some of the remedies are extracts of herbs or just very dilute essences of the original herb.

When prescribing these types of remedies, you might notice that the patient may need to urinate more frequently, which is a good sign that your body is healing itself and beginning to pass toxins out more efficiently.

About Dr. Morrison

Dr. Morrison was trained as a board certified family practitioner and opened the Morrison Center about a decade ago to help patients optimize their health and overcome diseases through integrative medicine and nutrition. Since then he’s become well known in his ability to alleviate symptoms from well-known causes and for treating and reversing the effect of degenerative diseases such as arthritis, high blood pressure, hormone imbalance, obesity, diabetes, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, and the list goes on. Previously Dr. Morrison was on the medical staff at the Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine. He also worked with Dr. Robert Atkins who developed the low carbohydrate diet lifestyle, and later became the director of the Wellness Center for Integrative Medicine. Today in addition to attending his busy practice in Manhattan, Dr. Morrison also appears regularly on television, radio, writes journals and articles, chapters for textbooks and has lectured throughout the country in the field of integrative and complementary medicine. He’s also recently published a book, Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind which is currently available on Amazon.

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