The Danger of Cellphones

Often called the father of biohacking, Dave Asprey has been a vocal critic of the dangers of cell phones for some time. Even with the latest and greatest biohacking technology available at his fingertips, Dave is wary of the harmful effects of artificial electromagnetic radiation. Cell phones in particular are harmful for creating artificial Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) that inhibit natural frequencies from reaching the body. These missing, natural frequencies support healing and allow us to adapt to stressors and changes in the environment. That’s why Dave uses YouMatrix 5G EMF devices.

The Next Generation of EMFs

Not all EMFs are bad. In fact, we were designed to handle a fair amount of EMFs and actually require those generated by the sun, the atmosphere, and the earth—to sustain life. But with the advent of artificial EMFs radiating off of every electronic device, we are inundated with harmful frequencies that cause everything from headaches and tinnitus to DNA damage, genetic mutations, infertility, and even cancer. And now with a cellular device in virtually every pocket on the planet, these harmful, destructive EMFs are inescapable.

How Youmatrix 5G Transforms EMFs

Unfortunately, EMFs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. So rather than exposing his body to yet another toxin, Dave relies on YouMatrix 5G devices to convert the toxic frequencies from his phone into the vital frequencies necessary for health. When you apply a YouMatrix 5G adapter to your cell phone it restores the missing, natural frequencies to the artificial EMFs and renders them biocompatible and harmless.

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