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Techedelics are becoming quite popular in the health field. But what are techedelic devices and how are they being used?

Why Psychedelics?

Psychedelics have been used in medicine and spiritual practices for thousands of years. And with many psychedelics growing freely in nature, like peyote and mescaline, it’s no wonder that we’ve seen a resurgence in recent years for their ability to expand our consciousness and alter the neural networking of the brain. 

Hallucinations and out-of-body experiences are common results of psychedelic use and each has its benefits on the mind, body, and spirit. But what if we could experience many of the benefits of psychedelics without the use of questionable plant medicines and potentially banned substances?

Cue Lucia N°03.

The Emergence of Techedelics

According to Andrew D. Huberman, “All of human evolution is based on neuroplasticity – and where our biology can no longer support us, we build technology.” Lucia N°03 is answering the call by providing a substance-free psychedelic experience that is working wonders on emotional trauma and physical symptoms. How does it work?

The Lucia N°03

As human beings, we are made of light. All of our cells communicate through light and this is validated by what we call bio-photonics. The Lucia N°03 uses wide spectrum solid light and flashing LEDs flashing to relax and dilate the central nervous system.

So solid and flickering white light coming out of the machine itself. And what this is doing is it’s gently entraining the brain using specific frequencies into a deeply meditative state. 

– Jessic Huyser

Entering the body through closed eyes, the wide-spectrum solid and flickering light travels along the optic nerve and into the central brain where the pineal gland and thalamus are located. As the cells communicate through impulses of light within the fascia, the light spreads throughout the body.

The brain then entrains to the pulsing rhythm of the light and moves from beta-dominance to alpha-theta. Neural networks and chemicals are activated and the body deeply relaxes, allowing the unconscious world to come to life. This state offers lower stress, increased creativity, flow states, and a feeling of wonder and awe.

Techedelic Experience

In her appearance on Your Health. Your Story., Jessica Huyser explained her experience with Lucia N°03 and shared how it helped her to regain her mental health and ultimately, physically heal. Inspired by her foray into techedelics, Jessica began her own company, Lucid Holistics, to offer this remarkable treatment to others.

Combining ancient practices such as yoga, breathwork, and meditation with techedelics, Jessica helps clients elevate their consciousness to access their own inner intuitive healer.

About Jessica Huyser

Diagnosed with PTSD in 2017, Jessica Huyser continued to be misdiagnosed by doctors for years until she discovered that she had type 1 diabetes. With symptoms masked by powerful pharmaceutical drugs, Jessica knew intuitively that something was amiss and that she could no longer trust the Western medical paradigm. This led to her experimenting with psychedelics and psychedelic tech (techedelics) that expanded her mindfulness and led to her ultimate recovery.

Now a yoga instructor, entrepreneur, and spokesperson for Lucia N°03, Jessica continues to speak on mental health issues and advocates for psychedelics and techdelics for those most in need.

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