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Elderberry Syrup Immune

Elderberry syrup is a widely known antioxidant and remedy for the common cold. In fact, Hippocrates, the Greek scholar known as the father of medicine, used to call elderberries his “medicine chest,” a remedy for many ailments. But how does this single berry boost our immune systems, reduce inflammation, and support gut health?

The Science of Elderberry Syrup

To begin, elderberries are naturally rich in antioxidants such as flavonols and phenolic acids. These compounds reduce inflammation of the skin and muscles.

Elderberries are also packed with another important antioxidant, vitamin C. In fact, 1 tablespoon of organic elderberry syrup has about 76% of a typical RDA of vitamin C.

It is also a good source of fiber. Providing nearly 25% of the recommended daily intake for fiber, elderberry syrup has been shown to support bowel health and prevent constipation.

Its polyphenol content may support the immune system by creating white blood cells, while its flavonoid profile has displayed positive effects on blood pressure and cardiovascular health. So which elderberry syrup product is best?

Rowe Casa’s Elderberry Syrup

As a former cancer patient and mother of four, Jill Rowe knows a thing or two about inflammation and immune health. After beating cancer, Jill knew she needed to make changes in her diet. One of these changes entailed supporting her immune system with antioxidants.

After finding the purest elderberries available, Jill formulated her syrup to have specific ratios of herbs and spices to enhance its therapeutic properties. This simple addition of elderberry syrup not only improved her health but the health of her family too.

“I think that our elderberry is effective too because it has the cinnamon clove and ginger in it which are great for any kind of inflammation. You know a lot of our sicknesses start with inflammation. With cancer, what do they check for, inflammatory markers?”

– Jill Rowe

Not long after she began selling this particular blend did Jill launch her company, Rowe Casa Organics. According to Jill, 1-2 tablespoons of elderberry syrup per day can reduce inflammation in the joints, muscles, and skin. And if like Jill you want to support the health of your children, nothing beats a traditional tonic rich in vitamin C, fiber, and immune-boosting compounds.

About Jill Rowe

Founder of two thriving companies, Rowe Casa Organics and Lil’ Tykes Tutoring, both of Jill’s business ventures have grown out of a deep-rooted desire to help others.

 In 2017, Jill began concocting all-natural remedies (like elderberry syrup) to help keep her family of five healthy. As these remedies started working, word spread, and Jill soon had cars lined up her street to purchase products.

Rowe Casa Organics has gone on to fulfill more than 30,000 orders and offers a wide range of products formulated to support immune health, balance hormones, improve sleep, and even spruce up households—all naturally.

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