EMF/EMR The Invisible Toxin

Whether or not you have electromagnetic hypersensitivity, EMFs and EMRs (electromagnetic frequencies and radiation) are yet another tasteless, odorless, invisible environmental toxin that is wreaking havoc on our biology — whether we notice it or not.

The more sensitive individuals, especially those with an illness, often ask the question, can I detect EMF levels using an E-meter? Before we answer this simple enough question, let’s dive into what an E-meter actually is.

Perhaps best known as a religious device that measures the electrodermal activity of human beings, E-meters, or EMF detectors, function by testing the electric field and magnetic field radiation levels in a given environment. But wait, what exactly are EMFs and where do they come from?

The Cause and Effect of EMFs

For all of human history, we have been exposed to EMFs and radiation from sources like the sun, the Earth’s magnetic core, thunderstorms, and even our own bodies. These frequencies are not only compatible with our biology but are necessary for our survival. 

But the real danger comes from artificial (human-made) polarized EMFs emitted from our technology. According to some scientists, these polarized EMFs heat our tissues and exist in our environment without any agreed-upon “safe” levels. 

What causes these polarized fields? Nearly everything that you plug into a wall or that requires a battery. This includes your TV, computer, refrigerator, appliances, electrical wires, wifi, your smart car, and of course your digital devices. And who could forget the latest iteration of potentially harmful radiation, 5G? For more on 5G, read our extensive guide, Exactly How Dangerous is 5G?

All of these devices emit EMFs to some degree and will have different impacts on each individual person – depending on their unique biology and health state. 

“What those devices are doing is it’s telling you what you already know – that being exposed to EMF is not a good thing…the E-meter is not going to have the subtility to see the change in the structure of the field.”

But do E-meters actually work?

Given what we have outlined about EMFs, it’s fair to say that detecting their levels and sources is important if we are to protect ourselves and ensure optimal health. But are E-meters the right device to detect these levels?

To better explain how these EMF-detecting devices work and why you shouldn’t be using them, we turned to Patrick Marzin and Dr. Mindy Beck. Co-creators of YouMatrix EMF Devices, Patrick and Mindy walk us through the problem with E-meters and explain why these devices are ineffective at detecting the exact frequency, spin, and structure of nearly all electromagnetic frequencies.

More Harm than Good?

As Patrick and Mindy spell out why these devices may actually be increasing your exposure to EMFs, they explain in clear terms why they actually may be doing more harm than good. Further, they explain why when it comes to electro-hypersensitivity, the placebo effect may be posing the greatest risk of symptoms, as electro-hypersensitivity certainly exists, but not at the levels that most claim it does.

About Patrick Marzin

A natural-born Frenchman who immigrated to the US in 1988, Patrick Marzin has a versatile background ranging from advertising sales and marketing, restaurant management, brokerage in the telecommunications industry, and the construction industry.

After only one treatment with Biosyntonie therapy for ankle pain, Patrick significantly improved and wanted to learn more about this innovative therapy. Eventually connecting with its inventor, Pierre Nicolas, the two partnered together and began the team behind their latest venture, YouMatrix Tech Adapters.

About Dr. Mindy Beck

Dr. Mindy Beck’s passion for the healing arts arose early on in her life, as a result of several injuries that were sustained during her Olympic Development soccer years. From overcoming these personal tribulations, Dr. Beck learned to appreciate the body’s remarkable natural restorative powers.

Dr. Mindy Beck received her psychology/pre-med degree from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and went on to travel and work all over the globe – this is where she discovered naturopathic medicine. Naturopathy came naturally to Dr. Beck as it aligned with her desire to help others achieve true wellness. This motivated her to obtain her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in 2004.

After running all aspects of her own clinic for one-and-a-half years, her continued passion for the roots of naturopathy propelled her to move to Europe for self-study and to work in some of the most well-known spa hospitals and clinics. After connecting with scientist and researcher Pierre Nicolas, Dr. Beck began to understand and address the issues regarding EMR pollution. Together, they helped form the team that brought YouMatrix Tech Adapters to market in hope to provide everyone with a biocompatible solution.

Connect with Patrick & Mindy

Website: https://youmatrixit.com/
Facebook: YouMatrix
Instagram: @youmatrix_it
Twitter: twitter.com/youmatrixit


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