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Coconut Oil: The Misunderstood Oil

Coconut oil has gained popularity in recent years for its host of benefits, including topical use for the skin and hair, culinary uses such as cooking and coffee, and even oral health with oil pulling. But what are some of the perceived problems with coconut oil?

For starters, coconut oil is a saturated fat (solid at room temperature) and is commonly associated with high cholesterol levels. Additionally, due to its high fat content, coconut oil is highly caloric and meets over 60% of the daily recommended intake of fat in one tablespoon.

The Healing Benefits of Coconut Oil

Yet, like all foods, the research is mixed. When consumed in moderation and in its purest form, coconut oil offers some amazing benefits that could only come from nature. This includes balancing hormone levels, anti-aging qualities, improvements in LDL and HDL levels, and antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties.

So how does this oil high in saturated fat (about 91%) possibly accomplish this? According to Dr. Joy Reese, vice president of Skinny & Co., it’s due to the high fatty acid content. When lauric acid, one of its primary fatty acids is digested, specific enzymes are formed in the digestive tract that inhibits the growth of pathogens and has antibacterial and antimicrobial capabilities. Coconut oil is also a preferred cooking oil for its high smoke point due to its saturated fat content.

The Skinny Coconut Advantage

Apart from the dietary benefits, how does coconut oil improve skin health? The same way it impacts our gut health. As eczema and psoriasis are so closely related to our microbiome, it only makes sense that the antibacterial capabilities of lauric acid would improve our skin health as well. But what about coconut oil as a moisturizer?

Oftentimes when coconut oil is applied directly to the skin or worse, to the face, it can leave the pores feeling greasy, slimy, and sometimes with a breakout.

But as Dr. Joy explains, due to the extensive micro filtering and non-comedogenic effects of The Skinny’s products, coconut oil really is an elixir for skin that shouldn’t feel heavy at all.

Skinny’s Filtration Process

Under her direction, Skinny & Co. has mastered this filtering process and created an entire line of coconut oil-based beauty products that leave the skin feeling rejuvenated, moisturized, and healed. The Skinny’s patented cold process ensures that all of the nutrients of the plant stay intact as if it was fresh-picked for you.

Coconut oil gets a bad rap because it does feel heavy. With us micro filtering our products and micro filtering the coconut so it’s hypoallergenic non-comedogenic, you almost have the best of both worlds because that is actually penetrating into the skin.”

– Dr. Joy Reese

About Dr. Joy Reese

As the Vice President and Co-founder of The Skinny, Dr. Joy Reese lead the charge in developing a chemical-free lifestyle brand that emerged in her family’s living room just over 5 years ago. 

Joy continues to spearhead education and sales and is currently working on teaching opportunities. Her latest is a “10-Day Clean Beauty” course that The Skinny has developed with the organization OneCommune.

After going holistic in her approach to medicine, Joy returned to school in her forties to finish her NMD board certification. She has since been a passionate spokesman about the 80,000 harmful chemicals that have crept into our environment and most consumer products.

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