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The Story of the BioCharger NG with Jim Law & Jim Girard

Your Health. Your Story.

The Story

We’ve mastered wireless charging of cell phones, how about wireless charging of the human body? That’s the question we look at in this episode as we speak with the creators of a unique and high-tech device that acts as a hybrid subtle energy revitalization platform that works to improve energy, recovery, and cellular regeneration.

This is the story of the Biocharger NG with Jim Law and Jim Girard.

“So everything in life is vibrating. Your molecules are vibrating. The internal nucleus is vibrating, the cell membrane, everything has its own unique vibrational characteristics. And you can transfer energy through those vibrations through sympathetic vibration, much like two tuning forks.” – Jim Girard 

“The BioCharger doesn’t heal anything, but it helps support recovery from, and that is turned into a broad range of conditions that I think you and I would have a hard time coming up with — that we don’t have a recipe for today.” – Jim Law


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