Dina Celina Danielsen

There’s so much conflicting diet advice out there that it’s simply head-spinning. But one area we should all spend some more time is on our gut, as leaky gut impacts nearly 1 in 2 Americans and contributes to everything from dandruff and eczema to brain fog and depression. Our guest today is a Registered Nutritionist healing one leaky gut at a time with her nutrition protocols, cleanses, and fasts.

This is The Story of Healing Your Gut with Dina Celina Danielsen.

Most people have some sort of gut permeability or leaky gut. Gluten will be a problem for everyone who has that. And so everyone has some degree of it, even us that’s really healthy an nutritionist or health coaches, we will have some degree of it as well.

– Dina Celina Danielsen

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