Montreal Canadiens v Minnesota Wild

Athletes often make the best patients. They’re dedicated, follow instructions meticulously, and are results-oriented. But athletes also tend to push the limits of what the human body is capable of and perform under constant pressure and stress. Today, we’re speaking with a professional athlete and hockey player for the Montreal Canadiens who is endlessly striving to become the healthiest version of himself and is committed to outside-of-the-box thinking. 

This is The Story of Health & Hockey with Rem Pitlick

How do you do anything if you don’t have a dream? That allows you to sustain through the good and bad of whatever life brings you. And it gives you a reason to change and be your best self.

– Rem Pitlick

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ICE Hockey Agency Rem’s Agent: Neil Sheehy

Sheehy is a certified NeuroMuscular Therapist, NMT® who uses his skills and experience to help athletes combat negative effects of head contusions which are prevalent in hockey. Neil’s experience as a former NHL Hockey player combined with his education is NeuroMuscular Therapy (NMT) helps our athletes feel and perform better which allows our agency to maximize the player’s value in contract negotiations.

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