Paul Templer

Growing up in war-torn Rhodesia and being attacked by a rogue hippo on the Zambezi River that left him nearly dead and without one arm, today’s guest has overcome his share of adversity. Nevertheless, he’s gone on to write a book entitled What’s Left of Me, and become a serial entrepreneur, speaker, adventurer, philanthropist, as well president of his own foundation. This is the story of Paul Templer. 

I’ve discovered that I can’t be grumpy and afraid and grateful at the same time. It’s impossible. I know that experientially and I’ve done a lot of work and looked at a lot of the science, just the brain and the heart can’t do it. And where you put your attention, your energy goes.

– Paul Templer

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Marked for Life by Paul Templer & Rebecca Simons is scheduled to be released in 2022. For access to the presale, visit Marked For Life.

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