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Few toxins are as potent or pernicious as mercury – and even fewer are as difficult to remove from the body. So what can we do in the face of a mercury exposure? Today, we’re speaking with a leading nutraceutical developer who leveraged his knowledge of chemistry and biology to restore his own health after mercury toxicity and turn it into a leading innovative nutraceutical brand. 

This is the Story of Quicksilver Scientific with Dr. Christopher Shade.

There’s great correlations between heart disease and depression and periodontitis. And then the last source is overgrowth in the nasal cavities. So keeping nasal oral hygiene and GI health is huge towards stopping the toxicity of not just mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, but everything, because that inflammation turns down detox. It’s one of the big takeaways people need is inflammation and detox are antithetical. As inflammation goes up, detox goes down.

– Dr. Christopher Shade

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