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Astrology is one of many ancient practices that guided the way we lived on planet earth for millennia and was consistent across cultures all over the globe. And we continue to utilize its knowledge and ancient wisdom even today. But like all sciences, astrology needs a modern update and that’s exactly what our guest today has successfully achieved. She is an author, podcast host, and glass artist who has mastered the art of Reiki, energy and crystal healing, psychoastrology, yoga, and nutrition, to name just a few.

This is the Story of the Chiron Effect with Lisa Tahir.

A belief is simply a thought we think repetitively and we pair with emotion and that becomes the actions we take, our behaviors that dictates our orbit…And to really go higher and beyond where we are in the ways we want to, we have to adopt new thoughts, create new beliefs, and start to show up differently.

– Lisa Tahir

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