Today’s healthcare system is struggling, from physician shortages to the chronic disease epidemic. But what if we could solve these challenges with a new model of community-driven medicine that focused on group visits and support? Our guest today believes we can. He is an author, speaker, community builder, and healthcare entrepreneur.

This is The Story of the Community Cure with James Maskell.

Group medicine and personalized medicine are actually not mutually exclusive. In fact, I also argue that one leads to the other.

– James Maskell

Episode Highlights

The Business of Health with James Maskell
The Genesis of the Functional Forum
The Community Cure: Group Visits for Affordable Health Care
The Key to Group Visits: Health Coaches 
Group Visits: The Cure for Loneliness & Lack of Motivation
Why Are Group Health Visits Still Conventionally Based?
Heal Community: Healthy People Keeping People Healthy
Can Group Medicine Allow for Personalized Medicine?
Why We’re Seeing A Resurgence of Private Practices in the US
How Has Healthcare Changed After 2020?
The Future of Lifestyle Medicine with James Maskell 

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