How does a traditional pharmacist trained in the allopathic model transform into a holistic provider, using the power of nutrition, movement, and stress reduction for healing? By becoming fed up with the wack-a-mole approach to medicine. Our guest today is a doctor of pharmacy who developed a passion for helping people find the root of their illness and heal through lifestyle modifications after her own struggles with chronic hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

This is the Story of the Fed Up Pharmacist with Kirsty Washam.

You get into that pill for every ill cycle and it’s so hard to break out because at some point, you’re taking medications to offset the side effects of the other medications.

– Dr. Kirsty Washam

Episode Highlights

How the Fed-Up Pharmacist Came to Be
What’s Behind the Nation-wide Over-Prescription of Medications?
Are We Over-Supplementing?
A Pharmacist’s View of Drinking Tap Water
A Holistic Pharmacist’s View of Oral Contraception
The True Role & Function of SSRIs
What Does the Future Look Like for Big Pharma?

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The Transcript

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