Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed

What do you get when you combine UV light, sound therapy, magnetism, crystals, scalar waves, and adjustable frequencies? A very advanced piece of healing tech that can help people with a variety of issues such as anxiety, inflammation, migraines, sleeplessness, dizziness, fatigue, and many other chronic issues.

A self-taught engineer and entrepreneur, Shin Keough formed the company Quantum Resonance which develops the multi-modal crystal bed. His primary focus with the system is for improved health of the clients.

This is the story of Quantum Resonance Crystal Beds with Shin Keough.

If I can put the workings of the bed into one sentence, this would be it: “The five conditions for DNA replication are meet so a beneficial, lasting change can occur within the multidimensional cellular structure.” — Shin Keough

Connect with Shin Keough

Website: www.indigometalworks.com

Disclaimer: Transcripts are prepared by a transcription service. Refer to full video above for exact wording.






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