Back in 2002, stem cell therapy was described as having the “potential to revolutionize the practice of medicine and improve the quality and length of life.” That was almost 20 years ago. And while we can’t deny stem cells have incredible potential, new developments in other areas of regenerative medicine, like PRP (platelet-rich plasma) are making some serious waves. This episode is dedicated to a new system of using PRP to vastly improve outcomes, personalize treatments, and utilize intravenous super-concentrated dosages to not only recruit stem cells but also help to treat a host of chronic diseases including neurodegenerative and autoimmune conditions.

This is the Story of TruDose PRP with Tapley Holland.

TruDose PRP Platelets-Rich Plasma Hair Regrowth

“We never really understood the proper or the healing potential of PRP. I never knew that it would have these untapped potential until I went to the University of Minnesota and we were treating these three ladies with incurable hair disease. And at 30 days, unexpectedly, the physicians saw hair growth.”

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