Stalactites are beautiful things. Also known as “dripstone“, these impressive formations all start with a single drop of water.  When the drop (containing minerals) falls, it deposits the thinnest ring of calcite. Each subsequent drop that forms and falls deposits another calcite ring. These stalactites can grow to 20+ feet, with some claims reported of 60 feet and longer. From a single drop of water to over 60 feet of solid mineral! But this isn’t a geology lesson – it’s a metaphor for the toxic stalactites that most of us are creating in our bodies.

Each Toxic “Drop” Matters

We know there are tens of thousands of chemicals we as humans are exposed to on a daily basis, and scientists now estimate that each of us carry at least seven hundred contaminants in our body. And while we have amazing organs of excretion such as the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system, they can only do so much. The EPA, which sets the standards of how much harmful substance can be placed into foods and household products we use, recently raised the limit of ammonia allowed in processed food from 240 ppm (parts per million) to 400 ppm. Many would say this is a microscopic increase – almost undetectable – and cannot possibly pose any risk to the human body. And while this may be correct if isolated (meaning that was the only chemical a body needed to excrete), the truth is we don’t live in an isolated world where we only have to deal with one chemical at a time. Each of these chemicals and toxins, as miniscule as the amount may be, is a drop forming a stalactite. Over the course of 20 years, what was once a tiny, undetectable, and safe little baby stalactite can become a 60 foot behemoth that greatly impacts our health and functioning.

Minimizing the Toxic Stalactite Effect

So what can we do to diminish or prevent this toxic stalactite effect? The first thing is to be conscious of what we put in our body and how we live our lives. Proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle are all necessary to prevent toxins and chemicals from effecting our health. Drink water – limit processed foods – eat more natural foods like fruits and vegetables – basically follow the rule that if nature did not produce it, then stay away or limit it. Exercise regularly, do breathing exercises, meditate if you are stressed. As much as these may seem like new-age methods not based in science, all have their scientific merits, including reduction of cortisol through meditation and improved oxygenation through breathing deeply over a period of a few minutes.

Another area to pay attention to is outside exposure to toxins – do not smoke, stay away from chemical solvents (cleaning products) as much as possible, and remember that electromagnetic radiation absolutely affects your body. Don’t wear your iphone on you at all times like an accessory (fun fact – of all cell phones, the iphone produces the most electromagnetic radiation) and opt-out of the airport scanners if you travel. Even if the TSA agent attempts to persuade you that the government has deemed the scanners safe and the radiation is minimal, don’t take the risk. That TSA agent should have read this article and seen what the Europeans had to say about those scanners.  This is not to say you would walk out the other end of an airport scanner a mutated beast, but one must be vigilant and realize the already imposing exposure to so many harmful chemicals and types of radiation, why would you want to increase this by any fraction?

The final thing available to all to minimize the effect of toxins on our bodies is detoxify. And this doesn’t just mean a sauna or fast (although those may work just fine), it means to take safe and natural medications that regulate and improve the function of our organs of elimination so they can keep up with the massive amount of toxins we are exposed to daily, whether we like it or not. Many integrative practitioners today recommend a spagyric detoxification regimen that utilizes specially prepared plants, herbs, and minerals that have a deep and direct impact on the organs of elimination and provide them with support to eliminate a high toxic burden.

In the end, it’s never one single drop that formed those massive stalactites, but a life-long series of insignificant drops. But even the most insignificant amount of toxins, when combined over many years, can form an internal “stalactite” of detrimental health effects that none of us would want to deal with.

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