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Every cell in the body is made of light. Thus, it makes sense to bring light into the body to stimulate healing and metabolism. And the Weber Laser is doing exactly that.

Laser therapy isn’t anything new. In 1906, Albert Einstein was one of the first to discover the special properties of light. Yet, it wasn’t until the 1960s that the first medical reports on low-level laser therapy were published, uncovering the potential of light and its biological effects.

Today, laser technology is used for various purposes including eye health, beauty treatments, and surgery. A laser light even has the potential to cut through the skin. Yet, on lower levels, it’s also able to stimulate metabolic processes in the body and the cells.

The Weber Laser is taking things to a whole other level. It’s bringing this technology to your own environment, allowing you to harness the benefits of laser therapy all within the comfort of your own home through the power of a simple laser watch.

Many people turn to surgery or other invasive treatments in order to address their ailments and health concerns. The laser watch provides an easy alternative to these often drastic measures by simply boosting your overall health and metabolism

A Natural and Non-Invasive Solution

With the power of science and technology, more and more treatment options for illnesses including Lyme disease, diabetes, and heart disease, have emerged. Thanks to the innovation of the past 100 years, healing has progressed by leaps and bounds.

At the same time, many treatments are very invasive and come with an array of harmful side effects. For instance, many medications help treat a certain issue but also tend to cause new issues to arise. 

An example of this includes hypertension and high blood pressure medication. Many common side effects of these medications include diarrhea, lightheadedness, fatigue, headaches, and more. In other words, while these medications might help manage blood pressure, they may be creating other imbalances.

This can also be true of certain cancer treatments. Where they might help to reduce the size of a tumor, these therapies can also leave patients extremely fatigued,  nauseated, and unable to function.

So, what’s the solution? Laser therapy might be. Now, we’re not saying it’s the be-all-end-all to all health problems. And if you have a serious health condition, it’s important to explore a variety of treatment options in conjunction with advice from your medical team.

However, laser therapy can optimize your health and improve the cellular energy components, including how the mitochondria function. So, let’s dive straight in. How does laser therapy work? What problem is it solving?

Exploring Laser Therapy

Working With the Body As Opposed to Against It

When it comes to health advice, there is a lot of contradictory information out there. And all of these mixed messages and opinions, overall, may cause more harm than good. The need for more natural and biological-friendly treatment options is evident. And laser therapy is leading the way when it comes to more natural and easy health solutions.

Bringing Laser Technology Into Your Home

Laser is widely known to help heal tissue, and there’s a reason this is happening. Laser light stimulates the mitochondria. The mitochondria actually have their own DNA, which means mutations within these powerhouses can occur. When these mutations happen, the mitochondria die. When the mitochondria die, the cell dies. Inevitably, this leads to aging and disease within the body.

Thus, keeping the mitochondria strong is essential for overall health. Light therapy can do this without any super invasive procedure required and without any side effects. In fact, the Weber Laser products are leading the way in regards to this type of therapy, delivering laser light to the body to stimulate metabolism and health. 

Weber Laser – Our Recommendation 

The Weber Laser is offered via an Endolaser System or packaged up for home use in an individual watch that can be worn for 10-60 minutes at a time. Designed from various research studies and testing, these therapeutic devices deliver laser light at all different levels of the spectrum, helping you harness various benefits. 

Why We Recommend It

Arthritis, autoimmune diseases, joint pain, and even Lyme disease have become common in today’s modern society. The Weber Laser offers a unique way to address these problems from the inside out. 

Through research, the Weber Laser team has seen this light therapy improve the lives of patients with diabetes, liver dysfunction or failure, or high blood pressure – all without invasive procedures or any known side effects. In today’s world of pharmacological medicine, this is an incredible feat, proving once again that alternative techniques or procedures have a place in modern society.

Who Should Use It?

Anyone can reap the benefits of light therapy. At the same time, individuals experiencing conditions associated with fatigue might find the most advantages due to the impact laser therapy can have on mitochondrial function. Dr. Weber and his team have even indicated that some patients have been able to reduce their medication through the use of laser therapy.

In fact, this type of therapy can play a major role in anti-aging. While more research needs to be done, the impact light can have on the mitochondria plays a major role in telomere length, which determines longevity and life expectancy. 

All in all, laser therapy is proving to be more than just a simple way to heal tissues. In reality, it’s a versatile tool to improve health and heal a variety of conditions and diseases. 

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