Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed

Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed is an advanced technology that uses Vogel type Quartz Crystals, UV LED light, PEMF, binaural sounds, and more.

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Introduction to Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed

Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed is an energy medicine-based technology that incorporates Vogel type Quartz Crystals, UV LED phototherapy, Royal Rife frequencies, pulsed electromagnetic fields, binaural sounds, as well as the therapeutic actions of orgone and essential oils – all simultaneously and coordinated to the patient. This comprehensive and safe therapy uses vibrations, frequencies, scalar, and multiple other beneficial approaches to support the body’s ability to restore homeostasis and increase the potential for the body to heal.

Benefits of the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed

Clinical experience has shown that Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed may be used for a number of issues and that the benefits include:

  • Assists in reducing inflammation (reports of helping with sinus & migraine issues)
  • Relaxation and regeneration on a cellular level
  • Aids in regulating the immune response
  • Creates positive DNA expression
  • Phototherapy component assists with skin issues such as acne and blemishes via UV and deep red LED’s
  • Reduction in wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improved sleep through binaural beats and chakra balancing
  • Promotes detoxification and balancing of pH levels

How the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed Works

The Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed is in many ways similar to the John of God crystal bed which some may be familiar with, yet the technology used is a little different and more advanced.

By using key elements of how DNA instructs cells to behave, the manufacturers of this technology have developed a system where it piggybacks the information being sent to cells. The information being sent is like the Hippocratic oath (do no harm) and is simply boosting the internal systems through the above-mentioned ways. But how does all this work together?

DNA needs to meet a few conditions before it can fully function:

  • Magnetism – DNA is a coiled ladder, not a straight twist. Once we understand this concept, we can understand that it sends electrical current from the heart to drive the magnetic response.
  • Frequency – DNA and the cells need vibrations and frequencies to know which chemicals to use. DNA responds to the frequencies around it.
  • Light – DNA & mitochondria need Light to generate ATP in the cells. This is the fuel that drives the cellular function.
    UV Light – DNA responds best to scalar photonic stimulation from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Intention – DNA receives cues from low vibrations if intentions are not set. This means that cells that have replicated themselves no longer function well without the proper information from DNA.
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Behind the Science

Science & Safety

Scalar waves are some of the most important energies we can work with since they work in a higher-dimensional space. They can be created naturally or artificially. Scalar waves work best when coupled with intention or crystals – both of which are used in the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed.

What is an example of Scalar energy? Noise-canceling headphones are a great example. They are canceling out a frequency by sending out the exact opposite waveform. The leftover energy is considered scalar. ​In order to go really deep into the body and work with the quantum field, you need SCALAR energy.

Science has shown us that cellular response to UV light is greater than any other waveform of light. When used in a responsible and appropriate way, UV light can increase the response of cellular change and stimulate clearing inside the cell. We have developed a responsible and beautiful way to integrate UV light into the system that informs the cells and allows change at a fundamental level. Furthermore, when UV light is pulsed at frequencies tuned to cellular de-differation, the RNA, DNA, cellular makeup responses in kind. In other words, the body likes and responds to UV light in special ways.

Studies have been made that show the type of UV light that is used in the Crystal Bed actually reverse cellular damage as well as a host of other benefits.

The great thing about deep red and infrared light is that it really helps with balancing and calming the cells. After being energetically stimulated by the UV, the cells need to be calmed down. Skin blemishes, rashes, inflammation all get special treatment this way. There are many other benefits deep inside the body like homeostasis and cellular function. We use wide spectrum lights to bring the most amount of even light to the body. No harsh spikes of certain colors.

PEMF is short for a pulsing electromagnet field. When we pulse something, we create a waveform that has a frequency. Frequencies can be considered a signature to a body of energy. When we pulse a magnetic field and collapse that field, we create scalar energy that has a frequency. If we can wrap it around a crystal, the crystal can contain the energy and send it in to the person on the crystal bed. Basically, your cells respond really well to this gentle form of information.

On normal PEMF devices, they are using large coils that you lay on and the large coil sends information simply by the fact that you are in the field. This can be effective, but hostile to the subtle energy fields of the body.

Designed to hold the crystals, these little gems are literally made with gems. Inside each holder is a matrix of hundreds of small crystals and minerals of various types. We also have infused essential oils in the matrix plus UV, LED and a Mobius coil for the magnetic field. These are truly works of art that are designed as holders and Orgone generators.

Orgone is a mix of crystal, metal, oils or other materials that “suspend” the frequencies of the objects put inside. To activate the Orgone mix, you need to compress the mix to activate the quartz and create a piezo effect OR send electricity through it. We do both. When Orgone is active, it creates Scalar energy and the Vogel crystals can hold that energy.

Sound encompasses a majority of our sensory experience and can shift a person into sublime states of being. We can achieve bliss through crystal bowls or whole-brain states with binaural beats.

In the crystal bed, we use sound transducers that vibrate the person laying on the massage table and headphones to create whole-brain states.
By shifting a person into a specific frequency through sound, we are able to create windows of openness in the cells that allow for the infusion of light, magnetic and scalar energy. A true infusion of peace and bliss.

Gamma waves are the highest frequencies developed by the brain. Spontaneous creation of Gamma takes place when there is lots of compassionate thought. A whole-brain state is associated with Gamma waves. Binaural beats can help create these emissions which are measured between 25 Hz and 100 Hz. Typical patterns are in the 40 Hz area. Moreover, Gamma waves give you that feeling of being in the “zone”.

​The soundtracks produced by Quantum Resonance produce an abundance of gamma waves.


Where does the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed fall on the medical spectrum?

The Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed falls under the ‘Energy Medicine’ section of the medical spectrum.

Alternative Medicine

Also known as holistic medicine, it is the study and application of nature, botany, energy, and technology to bring the body back to balance and address the root causes of disease without detrimental side effects, toxins and chemicals, or a lifetime of intervention.

Biological Medicine

Also known as European Biological Medicine, this modality, popular in Germany and Switzerland, applies numerous therapies that aim to restore the body’s regulatory and self-healing capacity by promoting proper regeneration on a cellular and organ level.

Conventional Medicine

Conventional medicine is the most recognized and practiced section of the medical spectrum that includes pharmacological drugs, surgical procedures, lab testing, and more in an attempt to reduce symptoms and manage disease. 

Conventional Therapies

The Innovative Medicine approach considers all conventional options and appropriately prescribes or refers patients to specialists in which this approach would be most suited.

Emotional Therapies

Mental health and the study of mind-body medicine is an integral part of the medical spectrum that can often go overlooked and unaddressed.

Psycho-Emotional Intervention

The study of psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI) has shown how our thoughts and psychological state impact our biochemistry and can lead to disease. Any comprehensive treatment plan must address psychological stress to be successful.

Spiritual Practices & Therapies

We often confuse spiritual practices with religion, but the role of spirituality, consciousness, awareness, purpose, and information on a quantum level is incredibly important in healing.

Receiving Therapy

Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed Protocol – Receiving Treatments

We are pleased to offer Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed treatments at our clinic, the New York Center for Innovative Medicine (NYCIM). However, the use of this or any of our numerous therapeutic options is only performed on patients after an in-depth health evaluation. Our ultimate goal is the complete restoration of health in the most efficient and safe manner, and with so many therapeutic options, it is impossible to know if the Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed is right for you without an initial evaluation at our clinic.

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The Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed is in many ways similar to the John of God crystal bed, however the technology used is a little different and more advanced. The Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed uses Vogel type Quartz Crystals, UV LED phototherapy, Royal Rife frequencies, pulsed electromagnetic fields, binaural sounds, as well as the therapeutic actions of orgone and essential oils – all simultaneously and coordinated to the patient.

The crystal bed sessions run for 25-35 minutes. A specific program is selected by the practitioner based on the patient’s needs. During this time, the patient usually feels a state of deep relaxation, calmness, serenity, and/or feelings of bliss, happiness and wholeness. The crystal bed has been shown to assist with states of anxiety, inflammation, migraines, sleeplessness, dizziness, fatigue, and many other chronic issues.

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Quantum Resonance Crystal Bed

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