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Energy is a key component to health. By increasing energy at the cellular level, you can help to reduce fatigue, increase stamina, improve mood and overall health. And according to recent statistics that show 15 percent of women and 10 percent of men said they were “very tired or exhausted” most days or every day of the week, it’s a real problem.

Our Vice President, Diane Solari, recently shared a useful tip that anyone can use on boosting energy throughout the day. Read the complete article here, ’17 Ways to get energized throughout your day’, or have a look at her advice below.

Contrary to popular belief, rest and recovery are equally important as exercise in staying in shape (physically and mentally) and cultivating energy for the body to function optimally; the key is to find a balance between the two. Qigong (which literally means ‘energy work’) was developed as a means of feeding energy back into the body, and works beautifully for regeneration. One type of Qigong movement, Primal rocking, works wonders and is a quick and simple way to acquire energy at any point during the day, supporting this ‘yin/yang’ balance.

Qigong rocking is a simple, rhythmic, whole body relaxation movement that helps to improve balance, release tension, and regain energy. Involving a shift in weight from the back feet to the front, this simple forward and backward movement is meant to be done slowly and gently. This is also one of many concepts discussed in our ‘Empowered Healing‘ program that can raise your vitality and improve your overall health.

Read further tips from all walks of life on improving your energy here.

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