What does ‘Body, Mind and Spirit’ really mean?


Here’s what we believe to be one of the most complete explanation videos on the subject of ‘Body, Mind and Spirit’. The term is often loosely used to describe the three levels of our existence that when balanced signify well-being and health. But what does body, mind and spirit really mean?

It’s a subject that we’ve been exploring for some time, and we put our findings in a video you can see below. A lesson from our “Empowered Healing” wellness program, this video dissects the complex notion on body, mind and spirit into an understandable and easy to follow explanation as it relates to our health.

Transcript of ‘Body, Mind and Spirit’?

Diane Solari

We just defined health as being in our natural state and occurring when we’re living in agreement with nature. We’re now going to take a look at what causes these blockages within the body and how it actually appears in the human being. So in order to be able to do that we first need to define these different levels of the body, how they interplay with one another, and how this relationship works to determine a person’s state of health or disease.

Ben Ahrens

Right, it’s often said that as human beings we’re more than the sum of our parts. Meaning we’re more than just biological creatures. We’re more than just these physiological creatures. And often times we hear that there’s a body, there’s a mind, and there’s a spirit. But what does that actually mean? How can we make sense of that and certainly how can we use that information to our advantage when it comes to thinking about correcting dysfunction and getting ourselves back on the track toward full recovery. Well, first let’s really go in and define what we mean by body, mind, and spirit by making an analogy that we’re all familiar with. So if we think about a computer, for instance, something that we’re all using probably right now. When we think about the body, think of that being analogous to the hardware of the computer, or the box that is the computer, the screen itself, and maybe what’s showing up on that screen. When we think of the mind, or the psychology and thoughts, we want to think of that as being like the program, or that which is basically responsible for basically determining what we see on the screen. And then finally if we think about sticking in the same analogy, the spiritual level or the spirit – that would be analogous more to the code that is responsible for running the program that we see on the screen.

We’re more than the sum of our parts. We’re more than just biological creatures. We’re more than just these physiological creatures.

Benjamin Ahrens, ‘Empowered Healing’ Presenter

So back to our body, mind, spirit conception of a human being as a holistic being, more than the sum of the parts – imagine that we represent disease in this analogy as seeing a glitch on the screen. Let’s say a program is running and something on the screen should be blue but it’s showing up as pink. So we have a few different ways of making changes here. The conventional way would be just to work on the body level. So for the computer analogy that would be like getting out a bucket of paint or some sharpies and just painting over the screen or coloring over it until we make it look the way we want it to look. But we know that the actual cause of that goes a little bit deeper. So the psychologist, or the emotional way of dealing with this would be to look at the thoughts, or in this case the program behind it and probably see if it’s still up to date or obsolete and swap it out for one that’s more up to date so that it ultimately changes what we see on the screen in our favor. Whereas the programmer would come in and simply change the code, rather than changing out the whole program, update the code, make sure there’s no bugs, get the kinks out and then the program would be running properly and then finally what we would see on screen would be in alignment with what we would hope to see. That would be an example of how health would be occurring and how it would be tackled on each of these different levels separately.

But the approach that we’re going to give you with empowered healing would be really analogous to what we call a truly holistic approach. And that would look like something treating all of these levels simultaneously which would mean that we would go in and we would optimize the screen or replace it with one that’s really hi-def so what we see is really crisp and clear, functioning at its best. We would make sure that the program is up to date, meaning that we’re not running obsolete belief systems and that our thoughts are of a certain clarity and advantageous to our actions. And we would also go down to this code level or this spiritual level and begin to examine a little bit to our relationship to our thoughts, our relationship to others, and our relationship to ourselves so that we can be sure that all of these three aspects of the self work harmoniously with one another.

So let’s take a look at what these levels actually look like as they pertain directly to the human organism. The body we just mentioned is this biochemical level. This is where biochemical actions take place whenever you go to your doctor and they take blood tests or brain scans or any type of modern tests that we normally see. What they’re really seeing is changes in the biology or physiology. But as one great medical mastermind, named Alexander von Bernus points out, “this is merely the biological stage on which the struggle plays out”. He says that the true initiation point of any dysfunction as we’ve seen with the computer analogy must come go to a deeper level. So let’s go to that deeper level and see what the mind really is. So the mind we defined before as that which is running through different programs or holding different beliefs. We now come to this realization in this study known as Psycho-Neuro Immunology which is how the mind affects the immune system. And it now actually goes on to include the Endocrine system so they call it Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology and as studies continue this will grow and they’ll basically continue to find how the mind and the brain has pathways that basically influence every other cell and system in the body. The brain is ultimately the control center that determines how all of these functions take place later on downstream.

So let’s look at the is spiritual level. When we get to Module 4, we’ll really begin to have a better understanding and really make it a bit more tangible and when you get to your connection module you’ll understand what you can do to foster and strengthen your connection in a spiritual sense and the whole role of spirituality in health and healing. But for this purpose here we’re defining spirituality like we did with the computer analogy as the informational level or the way information enters our system and how that creates responses.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, who is a biophysicist, or a cell biologist rather, wrote a book called the ‘Biology of Belief’. And he discovered there are these things called IMPs or ‘integral membrane receptor-effector proteins’ that are kind of like tuning forks on the cells and they literally pick up directly on vibrations or frequencies that we don’t even consciously realize we’re being exposed to but we are at all times. So, for instance, we sometimes realize this that if we walk into a room with other people we can say or sense that the vibe in the room is a certain way. Well, the reason we have that capability of determining that and experiencing that is that our bodies on a cellular level really are picking up on those very subtle vibrations, and as we go on to see later on these vibrations take on the form of sound, of light, of color, but also of our thoughts and of our emotions – basically all of it is energy and all energy is vibrations. So on this vibratory-subtle level the expression of our genes, our cells, and all the biochemical activity from there is literally being influenced by our environment in a direct sense.

Diane Solari

The computer analogy really does serve well to help explain these three very important levels of the human body and just to quickly recap. What you’re seeing now, that outer ring, is the body level or the biochemical level or where we see disease actually play out.

In the center – the center ring – is the mind where we experience pain. Otherwise known as sensory perception. And then in the center is the spiritual level. Once we experience pain it leads to a state of suffering on the spiritual level. So health is the balanced relationship of all three of these levels of the body. And an understanding of these three levels and how they communicate together has allowed us to start to answer some of these prominent medical questions. Such as “why do patients respond differently to the same exposures of treatment?” And “why do some patients exhibit symptoms while others do not?” And “why do some recover while others remain ill? What is the underlying determinant?”

Ben Ahrens

Yeah and these are really fascinating questions and they’ve confounded the medical world for a very long time. We all know as patients that may have been to the doctor that a hundred different patients can walk in with the same diagnosis and even be prescribed with the same treatment and they can have a hundred different responses. Absent the definitions we’ve just given and absent just looking at the body as more than just the physical level, but including the mind and the spirit. We have no way of really rationalizing that. So what’s another example we can think of?

Diane Solari

This is a great example and one that I’m sure everyone can relate to. Say ten people were in a room and all of them were exposed to the same cold or flu virus – statistically only three of those people would actually end up getting sick. So if we were just physical beings with just a body, without a mind or spirit, then all ten people should ultimately end up getting sick. That is simply not the case.

Ben Ahrens

Yeah it’s a really interesting point and like you’ve said we all experienced this kind of thing. If we were just mechanical necessarily we would have to react the same to the same aggressors but because we’re individual and we have this thing called bioindividuality, we all respond in highly unique ways and only through understanding this holistic perspective can we begin to understand how and why we respond the way we do and how our bodies respond and then we can begin to go in and change it and that’s the really exciting part that we’re going to get to next.

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    • IM Health Team
      IM Health Team says:

      Thanks for reading, Sarah! That’s so very true. Not only do problems arise when there is a dissonance of these three levels of our existence, but only by addressing the three levels simultaneously can we correct the problems that may arise and achieve complete health once again.

  1. Joanmarie Vanaski
    Joanmarie Vanaski says:

    This article made me smile because it spoke my language -so with confidence I can feel that I can make a difference with my clients. Love the analogy and the verbal images of this article and the truths it communicated.


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