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  • What is Ho’oponopono
  • Why Tim Gray Has Incorporated It Into His Toolkit
  • The Healing Power of Forgiveness

What is Ho’oponopono

What exactly is Ho’oponopono? Originating in Hawaii, Ho’oponopono is essentially a spiritual practice in which we cultivate reconciliation and forgiveness. Literally translated as “correction,” it is used to help create and maintain peace, simplicity, ease, and well-being in one’s body, brain, and soul.

According to Dr. Matt James, this practice allows us to clear out preconceptions, create new connections, and rejuvenate our existing relationships. Apart from releasing trauma and allowing the body to heal, one of the numerous additional advantages of Ho’oponopono is to unlock the hidden purposes behind our decisions.

How it Works

There are four simple steps to this method that revolve around repentance, forgiveness, gratitude, and love. It doesn’t get much simpler — or more powerful than that.

Tim Gray Biohacker UK

“If you want someone who’s going to say exactly what you want them to say, there’s going to be no one left…I am not perfect, I’m trying to be better, I’m learning every day, and I practice forgiveness.”

Healing with Natural Biohacks

In our conversation with Tim Gray, the “UK’s leading biohacker,” we discussed the top biohacks he uses for optimal health and performance. But what does he do to improve his mood, his outlook on life, and perhaps most importantly, his relationships?

Just like the team at Innovative Medicine, Tim uses Ho’oponopono as a method of stress reduction, conflict resolution, and energy clearing that offers profound healing and prepares us to face the stressful challenges of our times.

About Tim Gray

After years spent self-healing his body from chronic health conditions through biohacking alone, Tim embarked on a mission to educate and empower the masses. As such, he created The Health Optimization Summit, Europe’s largest health conference, which aims to provide people with the knowledge, tools, and resources to take their own health and performance to the next level. 

As a psychology specialist, serial entrepreneur, and successful businessman, Tim founded and invested in multiple 7-figure businesses, including several digital marketing agencies, and London’s first private Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic.

Tim is also the man behind the Biohacker London Meetup group, a growing global community that laid the foundation in the UK for the summit’s success.


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