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  • This podcast episode will break down what EMF and radiation from technological devices do to your biology.
  • Learn how cell phones can disrupt your sleep.
  • Is wearable tech, like the FitBit, iWatch and Oura Ring a threat to your health as well?
  • What’s the issue with electric cars like Teslas.
  • The sophisticated solution to EMF that can turn a negative into a positive for the body.
  • This is the story of YouMatrix with Patrick Marzin.

Ever wonder what your cell phone, laptop, iWatch, FitBit, Oura Ring and other tech are really doing to your biology on the subtlest level? We’re not talking about the threat of carpal tunnel syndrome or back pain from being at a computer too long, but cellular communication and disturbances to the very information that governs how are bodies regenerate and function.

To answer some of the most pressing issues regarding technology and EMF, we brought on Patrick Marzin, a French expert on the subject and the creator of advanced and biocompatible solutions for EMF exposure. He goes into how technology can still be embraced, and the negative effects of EMF can now be transformed into a positive effect for the human body through sophisticated solutions.

This is the story of YouMatrix with Patrick Marzin.

Enjoy the show!

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