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What you put on your skin matters

What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put inside. This may be surprising, but remember that your skin is an organ (your largest organ) and it absorbs everything that goes on it and passes it into your bloodstream.

And with only 1% of the 84,000 known consumer chemicals tested for safety, it’s fair to say that we really don’t know how safe our consumer products actually are. Especially when considering chronically ill patients with comprised health where every insult takes a toll.

Why cosmetics are worse

Unfortunately, cosmetics are among the worst consumer products as they are not ingested, at least not directly, and are allowed to contain high amounts of harmful ingredients like parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and fragrances. These substances are not only endocrine disruptors and promote allergies, but many are even carcinogenic.

With so little (if any) regulation on beauty products, we rarely know if what’s on the label is actually in the product—and if what’s in the product is okay to be putting on our skin.

Why coconut oil?

Thankfully, Skinny & Co. specializes in a level of transparency and quality that they have carried over to their beauty line. According to the Skinny & Co. VP and cofounder Dr. Joy Reese, every product by The Skinny, whether aesthetic or otherwise, is completely edible, all-natural, and made of five ingredients or less.

“There’s 80,000 consumer chemicals that we are dealing with every day in our environment—from the couch we sit on to the body products, sprays, cleaning products, food; it’s all full of these toxic chemicals.”

About Dr. Joy Reese

As the Vice President and Co-founder of The Skinny, Dr. Joy Reese lead the charge in developing a chemical-free lifestyle brand that emerged in her family’s living room just over 5 years ago. 

Joy continues to spearhead education and sales and is currently working on teaching opportunities. Her latest is a “10-Day Clean Beauty” course that The Skinny has developed with the organization OneCommune.

After going holistic in her approach to medicine, Joy returned to school in her forties to finish her NMD board certification. She has since been a passionate spokesman about the 80,000 harmful chemicals that have crept into our environment and most consumer products.

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