What’s Your Holistic Health Score?


We’re a society that loves to be scored and graded, yet so few of us ever take a tally of what our health score is. We’re not talking about subjective notions or guesses of where our health stands, but a well designed assessment of our current state of well-being based on eight distinct and critical categories.

Have you ever wondered what areas of your health need improvement? Perhaps you have a vague sense of what needs to be improved but aren’t sure where to start? That’s precisely what a holistic lifestyle assessment can give you a glimpse into. To help, we’ve devised a simple yet comprehensive test that will assess the full scope of your health in the broadest sense through 24 straightforward questions, help you identify your weaker ‘micro-cosmic categories of life’ as we call them, and provide you with an actionable plan to help optimize your current state of health.

What is the HLA?

Our Holistic Lifestyle Assessment (HLA for short), is a comprehensive and carefully created assessment of your current state of health, based on 8 separate criteria that greatly impact your well-being and ability to recover from disease. By calculating your numbers in each category during our HLA, you’ll be able to see if yours fall within the healthy ranges. After the test, we’ll help guide you through the actionable steps you can take towards improving your health and preventing future illness.

Where did this assessment come from?

We came up with this holistic lifestyle assessment based on the incredibly valuable input of numerous physicians and experts in different health fields, as well as the experience and feedback of hundreds of patients to construct and design an assessment that is both comprehensive and specific. For over 12 years, we’ve been traversing the globe, learning from countless sources and clinically applying incredible techniques and methods at our world-renowned medical center. What we’ve been able to do is reverse engineer successful patient cases to help serve as the basis of this assessment. Each question was created in direct connection to clinically proven (although often overlooked) determinants of health and well-being.

How will my health score be calculated?

Your health score will show where you stand based on the following categories microcosmic categories of life. As we fully describe in a prior blog post, the optimization of these 8 categories is essential when trying to achieve sustained, long-term well-being.

  1. Movement
    This pertains to any type of exercise that facilitates a shift in physiology, including anything on the exertion spectrum from resistance training, to running, swimming biking and other forms of cardiovascular exercise, to more restorative exercises such as yoga, Tai chi, Qi gong and even conscious breath-work.
  2. Diet
    An analysis of your eating habits, the quality of foods you eat, and the importance you give towards your diet as it relates to your current state of health.
  3. Quiet
    A look at your sleep, restoration, and regeneration routines and how you cope with exertion and stress.
  4. Joy
    This goes back to your source, your dream. Fun and joy should be a central component of any healing or sustainable self-improvement endeavor. Do you incorporate activities that cultivate enjoyment in your life on a regular basis?
  5. Environment
    A review of your surroundings and if they are optimized to bring you the most harmony and align you with your inner sense of self.
  6. Abundance
    Do you harbor an abundance or scarcity mindset? Neurophysiology shows that the difference of where your belief system is in this category can have a great impact on healing.
  7. Relationships
    How you interact with others – Just as no cell in the human body functions in isolation, we as individuals function as a part of a greater collective (family, community, society and planet).
  8. Connection – This includes aspects such as your relationship to nature, to your surroundings, and your overall sense of connectedness in this universe.

What happens once I get my results?

After taking this health quiz, you’ll have an all-encompassing holistic assessment of your current state of health, based on these 8 criteria. Your 3 weakest micro-categories will be illuminated, which brings us to our next exciting point – we’ve devised a 12-week online wellness program aimed at raising your HLA score, improving your lowest scoring categories through proven techniques and methods. Knowing your health score is a great start to living a healthy lifestyle. So, what are you waiting for? Find out your health score today, and follow in the footsteps of hundreds of successful patients!

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