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The power of suggestion is in fact quite powerful.


The Placebo Effect

When researchers test for new treatments, they have to take into consideration the placebo effect. With 25-40% efficacy, it’s safe to say that the placebo is as effective as some FDA-approved drugs. While not formally replicable, the placebo phenomenon has been proven, clinically, and can skew patient outcomes, for better or worse.

But what if we could harness this powerful effect to foster positive emotions and promote healing? Well, that’s just what Jessica Huyser dove into in her appearance on Your Health. Your Story.

The Power of Intention

Derived from the Latin intentitus, or “stretching toward” and defined as an “aim that guides actions,” intentions are powerful thoughts deep-rooted in emotions that work to recalibrate and heal the body on a biological level.

And that’s very much what Jessica is accomplishing with her work at Lucid Holistics and Lucia N°03. Lucia N°03 combines ancient practices such as yoga, breathwork, and meditation with modern technology to elevate our consciousness and grant access to our inner intuitive healer.

We can leverage this information to set up an environment. That’s going to set us up for the ultimate success. And that’s everybody’s personal choice. Just like with a workout, how much energy you want to put into it is how much you’re going to get out of it. And I think that a blessing of being in a situation like myself, where you need to get the most out of it–when you were at rock bottom, that really is where I found a willingness that I never had before.

– Jessic Huyser

Lucia N°03 is a key component in healing as it provides a substance-free psychedelic experience that is working wonders on emotional trauma and physical symptoms.

About Jessica Huyser

Diagnosed with PTSD in 2017, Jessica Huyser continued to be misdiagnosed by doctors for years until she discovered that she had type 1 diabetes. With symptoms masked by powerful pharmaceutical drugs, Jessica knew intuitively that something was amiss and that she could no longer trust the Western medical paradigm. This led to her experimenting with psychedelics and psychedelic tech (techedelics) that expanded her mindfulness and led to her ultimate recovery.

Now a yoga instructor, entrepreneur, and spokesperson for Lucia N°03, Jessica continues to speak on mental health issues and advocates for psychedelics and techdelics for those most in need.

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