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Schumann Resonance

We talk a lot about the numerous adverse effects of exposure to artificial electromagnetic radiation (EMR/EMF). However, total avoidance of EMR/EMF isn’t good for us either. Here’s why.

The EMF Paradox

As much as we want to seclude ourselves from any and all radiation, it isn’t that simple. A Faraday cage will block us from nearly every frequency and vibration. Although this will shield us from the bad frequencies, it will shield us from the good frequencies too.

Prolonged time in a Faraday cage has many detrimental effects like muscular atrophy, cellular deterioration, and a lack of cellular regeneration. That’s right, our cells require frequencies to repair and regenerate. But what creates these healthy, natural frequencies?

The Schumann Resonance

Also called the ‘heartbeat’ of the earth, the Schumann Resonance is a natural vibration or frequency emitted by the Earth. This frequency impacts everything from brain function and circadian rhythm to thought patterns and proper heartbeat.

It has been shown in many trials that exposure to 7.83 Hz, the planet’s own magnetic frequency, enhances learning and memory, body rejuvenation, balanced hormones, improved resilience to stress, better immune health, and an increase in negative ions.

Geopathic Stress

Yet this frequency too can be adulterated and negatively impact human health. In his second appearance on the Rachel Varga podcast, Caspar discusses how natural and artificial phenomena like fault lines, underground wells, rivers, sewers, and mineral deposits obstruct the Schumann Resonance and form geopathic stress.

While this may seem arbitrary, according to Caspar, a surprising number of NYCIM patients live on or near fault lines. California residents, for example, are at much greater risk, existing almost entirely on a fault line.

We’ve noticed that people that live in homes where there is no Schumann waves, and they have geopathic stress, have lots of problems. And those are the types you see that go from doctor to doctor to doctor and never get an answer.

– Caspar Szulc

What’s the solution?

As Caspar and Rachel conclude, the Schumann resonance is critical for health. As stagnation spells death and decay, exposure to many different environments is a sensible strategy. Movement, travel, and maybe even moving to a new area are all considerations to improve your health.

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