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Living with Undiagnosed Lyme Disease

Your Health Your Story isn’t just the name of our podcast, it’s also the philosophy of how we think of and go about treating disease. Jaime Jamgochian was the epitome of this notion as she had suffered from undiagnosed neurological Lyme disease for most of her life. But it wasn’t until 2018 that it all came crashing down.

A professional singer and songwriter, while Jaime was on the road touring, performing, and working nonstop, her physical health began to deteriorate and then spiraled, affecting everything from her speech and ability to sing to her emotions and mental health.

After growing increasingly ill and finally moving back home to live with her parents to convalesce, Jaime stumbled upon the New York Center for Innovative Medicine for its extensive experience with Lyme disease.

Why Your Health is Your Story  

It was here that Jaime discovered that she had Lyme disease as well as many co-infections that may have been plaguing her for as long as 20 years! But what surprised her the most was how every event and every insult she had experienced—from all different ages, including traveling, moving homes, or signing a record deal all showed up on her labs and told the life story of Jaime Jamgochian.

In our conversation with Jaime, she walks us through the shock and despair she felt facing such a difficult diagnosis and how she endured such a lengthy, arduous treatment. In her uniquely inspiring way, Jaime explains how she never lost her faith and always maintained hope that she was going to be healed.

I remember we did the first test…and I remember it was like she literally opened up the storybook of my life.

About Jaime

Now thriving in health again, Jaime continues to perform her songs around the world, sharing her message of finding your value and purpose in life. She is on the Aspire Women’s event tour and writing her first book. Her latest album, All Things, recounts her most trying days – and ultimate healing from Lyme disease.


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