What is Crohn’s disease?

Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory disease affecting different parts of the digestive tract, specifically the small and large intestines.

Once diagnosed, Crohn’s disease is usually chronic with occasional flareups and periods of remission. Symptoms of Crohn’s disease can range from abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea to weight loss, painful bowel movements, fatigue, and eventual malnutrition.

Although there is no certified cure for Crohn’s disease, certain therapies can reduce symptoms and stave off potentially fatal infections.

The conventional approach to Crohn’s disease

The conventional approach to Crohn’s disease works for some, but not for others. This includes digestive enzymes, HCl, long-term antibiotics, short-term steroid use, and finally, surgery. Many of these medications may help to manage symptoms, but each worsens overall health in the long run. Unfortunately, surgery is also not a cure, but a mere solution to remediate symptoms.

This is the lesson Trevor Zabar learned as a young patient with chronic Crohn’s disease. After spending years arguing with doctors and convincing them that his body wasn’t weak or deficient, Trevor was forced to take his health into his own hands.

[The doctors] are being educated for a system for a certain purpose which is to manage. So they’re not really understanding the healing, they’re lacking the nutrition.

Trevor Zabar

Following many years of extensive research, Trevor was able to not only manage but completely reverse his Crohn’s disease.

The alternative approach to Crohn’s disease

Through some extreme diet and lifestyle changes, Trevor proved his doctors wrong and put his Crohn’s disease into remission. Some general lifestyle habits for individuals with Crohn’s disease including proper hydration and eliminating the foods that cause flareups. The common triggers include refined sugars and starches, sugar alcohols, lactose, caffeine, and alcohol, and foods high in saturated fat.

Additionally, Trevor attributes the introduction of fermented foods, especially kefir, as the missing piece in his recovery.

About Trevor Zabar

Trevor Zabar is a former Cohn’s disease patient who underwent surgeries and many rounds of antibiotics to heal his gut, but all to no avail. After introducing nutrient-dense foods and powerful probiotics into his diet, Trevor was able to reverse his Crohn’s disease and begin to live a life symptom-free for the first time in decades.

The founder of Crohn’s Crusaders, Trevor has helped over 500 people worldwide with education and support.

His latest venture, Simply Wholistik, involves a 3-month educational program that encompasses the fundamentals of the microbiome and gut ecology, the central nervous system, and methods to release emotional and spiritual trauma.


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