Liver health is necessary for our very survival. In fact, Dr. Linda Lancaster likens the liver to a factory, as it processes proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, stores vitamins and minerals, and removes toxins from our bloodstream. But does the liver also play a role in emotional wellbeing?

An Organ of Esoteric Elimination

According to Dr. Lancaster, the liver is an esoteric organ, meaning that it processes our thoughts and emotions. As a result, liver health connects us to our higher meaning and purpose and sets us on our spiritual journeys. Unfortunately, we live in a world overburdened with insults that clog and congest the liver. A congested liver is overrun, sluggish, and weak, and sets us up for dysfunction and disease.

I consider the liver an esoteric organ, an organ that is so necessary for the will, for our will, our will for physical health, our will for physical being here, and our will for spiritual work.

– Dr. Lancaster

The Main Threats to Liver Health

The main causes of disease are pollutants like heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, and radiation, negative emotions such as trauma and stress, and parasites including worms, fungus, bacteria, micro-parasites, and viruses. An excess of any of these will result in poor liver health. And an overtaxed liver will have a ripple effect on the body and mind, leaving us frustrated, disconnected, and sick.

How to Reclaim Your Liver Health

As Dr. Lancaster explains, by regularly detoxing our bodies, we can restore liver health and thrive in a polluted world. Most people begin their health journey by cleaning up their diet. However, one can eat the highest quality food in the world, but reap no benefits if their liver health is suffering.

However, in as little as six weeks, the liver can be restored through some basic cleanses. Dr. Lancaster’s protocol involves a diet rich in organic vegetables, breathing exercises, yoga and meditation, sea salt and baking soda baths to neutralize radiation, and dry brushing for lymphatic drainage.

With any liver cleanse, it is required to start out strict, find moderation, and then maintain.

About Dr. Linda Lancaster

Dr. Linda Lancaster is a naturopathic and homeopathic physician practicing since 1981. Since 1987, she has been operating the Light Harmonics Institute, an Energy Medicine Clinic and Educational Center based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is a specialist in energy medicines and has trained in Ayurveda, Yoga, medical radiesthesia, radionics, subtle energy healing, counseling, nutrition, herbal medicine, and detoxification methods. Her life-changing health and cleansing programs have been offered to her patients and their families for nearly 40 years.

Light Harmonics Institute has been at the forefront in the current trend of the integration of medicines. In an effort to create peace in healing, Dr. Linda founded The Global Foundation for Integrative Medicines (GFIM) and is the current GFIM President.

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