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5 Reasons to open an Innovative Medicine AccountYou have just entered into a new paradigm in medicine and health. Never before in human history have we had the amount of patient data and tools to analyze such data as we have today. Yet as diagnostic methods and treatment protocols grow increasingly complex, so have the many chronic diseases that plague our modern way of life. The time is now for a medical revolution, a shift in mindset, a new way of approaching health and interpreting disease that does not attempt to make sense of a person by looking only through the lens of a microscope, but also, a macroscope.

"Understanding doesn't proceed simply from examining data; it comes from examining data in a particular context. Information is useless until we know what it means."
- Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D, author of  "Power vs Force"

Now in the 21st century, incredible advancements have been made in such fields as quantum physics and advanced cell-biology that offer a fresh set of tools to a new breed of doctors.  It is the first clinical application of these tools that comprise the new art and science of medicine and enables the modern physician to see, in each patient,  what has previously gone unseen.  Through our medical training seminars, events, practitioner resources, and high quality products, Innovative Medicine stands to provide you with the precise tools required to simplify the complex and achieve extraordinary results.

"The problem isn't that we lack information, we're practically drowning in it. It's that we lack the ability to interpret the significance of our data. For that we must have the proper tools."

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Medical Advisory Board

Thomas K. Szulc, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Szulc is a renowned physician with 25+ years of experience in the integrative field. His remarkable results in complex cases such as Lyme Disease have attracted patients from around the world.           Read More

Jeffrey Morrison, M.D.

Medical Advisor

Dr. Morrison is a well known physician and Board Member for the American College for the Advancement in Medicine (ACAM).
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Mark Berkowitz, D.D.S.

Medical Advisor

Dr. Berkowitz practices biological dentistry at Berkowitz and Garfinkel, DDS and is trained in homeopathy and integrative medicine.
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Our Team

Caspar A. Szulc

President & Co-Founder

As President and Co-Founder, Caspar has played a vital role in the growth of Innovative Medicine.                         Read More

Mark Iwanicki


Currently attending NCNM and pursuing medicine, Mark co-founded Innovative Medicine in an effort to inform the public of the benefits of advanced biological medicine.     Read More

Benjamin Ahrens

Executive Vice President

Ben is an extremely knowledgeable member of Innovative Medicine, holding certifications in Personal Training, Sports Nutrition and Holistic Health.                          Read More

Meet the rest of the IM team


Graphic Designer

Full Time / Part Time - NYC


Are you a creative spirit with graphic design and web design skills? Put your skills to good use - we're looking for a proficient graphic designer to work with us and create stunning work.


Are you a motivated and responsible individual with marketing apptitude? We're a growing organization with need of marketing talent. Apply your skills in the emerging integrative medicine market.

Medical Sales Rep

US - Regional


Are you a health care professional interested in progressing the word for a new form of medicine based on science, quality, and results? Share our vision with the world, and use your networking skills in the medical community as a way to further your career.

Please feel free to view our Customer Privacy Policy, Sales Policy, and Account Policy.

Innovative Medicine enforces an advertising and sales policy that does not allow sales of the FDA regulated Soluna remedies for distribution directly to the public without consulting a physician. All websites selling the remedies must be password protected and may not display prices to public. Passwords may only be provided to patients and not directly to the public. Any party found in violation will have their account suspended and will not be able to purchase products from Innovative Medicine.

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Innovative Medicine allows health care professionals access to certain medical products and educational tools. Qualifications to become a professional account holder are based on government and state regulations that allow specific licensed health care professionals to distribute and use the various regulated products and instruments we carry.

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Message from the Director

“Being a doctor for the past 25 plus years, I have had the opportunity to experiment with a vast number of methods for helping my patients. I have traveled the world and studied with many doctors and great minds in search of more effective techniques, more viable medicines, and unique healing processes that would best serve my objective...”

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Thomas K. Szulc, M.D., Medical Director

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