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How it Began

The story of Innovative Medicine started with a simple idea...

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It began when a doctor, his son and childhood friend all agreed: we all have the capacity to be healthy, and there are so many amazing options available to humanity to help ensure our well-being and restore our innate health - but somehow we’re getting sicker and sicker as a society. Over time, this idea has grown and changed into something much more powerful – a way to transform the way medicine is practiced.

Innovative Medicine co-founders Caspar Szulc and Mark Iwanicki pictured above.


Our Organization

Which helped to create a different kind of company...

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Innovative Medicine is a group of passionate and purpose-driven individuals working as a collective team to change the medical paradigm, impact lives, and alter the way we define and preserve our greatest treasure – health. We’re not your classical healthcare organization. We’re something entirely different, and we like it that way.


Our Goal

And finally led to a singular goal: to rethink medicine completely.

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It’s kind of simple - we’re out to change medicine and the way we heal.

It’s about reshaping the healthcare industry in order to reverse chronic conditions and restore health.

Innovative Medicine’s vision is fueling an international movement of forward-thinking minds looking to transform the medical field, promote well-being of body-mind-spirit, and uplift humanity. Care to join us?

Our Why & Core Values

Medicine is Broken – Welcome to the Future of Medicine

Health issues are complex. Our current system is broken. Don’t believe us? Six in ten Americans live with at least one chronic disease. That number is forecast to grow exponentially. It is time for a medical revolution, a shift in mindset, a new way of approaching medicine.

Since 2004, Innovative Medicine has been leading the way. A balance of science and art, Innovative Medicine opens up new horizons of what is possible in healthcare.

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It’s in our name. We’re taking cutting edge technology and ancient healing practices and applying them in an innovative manner.


Whether it’s the supplements in our dispensary or the ones we’ve formulated and sell to the public, we know – quality determines results.


It’s about dreaming big, wanting to make a positive change, and going against conventional thinking. Our vision is a healthier world.

How We’re Different

Redefining Integrative Medicine

Entering a new age of medicine, and leaving behind an “I’m best” mentality, we can see that each patient may require something different on their road to recovery. This is where Innovative Medicine shines. Taking a novel, all-inclusive approach and providing the patient with a personalized treatment program spanning the entire medical spectrum provides the absolute best chance for resolution of all health problems.

Compare IM to Functional Medicine

Health and Disease Innovative Medicine

Highly Personalized

No two programs of treatment are the same. Each protocol as unique as your fingerprint.

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Truly Comprehensive

From conventional to spiritual practices, energy medicine to psychology.

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Proven Results

Over 20 years under our belt and thousands of patient success stories.

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What Others Are Saying

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“Dr. Szulc and his team at Innovative Medicine have helped me become the healthiest version of myself. I love their 360° mind, body, spirit approach to medicine.”

Miranda Kerr

Founder and CEO of Kora Organics

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“Innovative Medicine is the future of healthcare. This is how we should be practicing medicine.”

Dr. James DiNicolantonio

Author of The Immunity Fix

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“Innovative medicine is where you find optimal health. They are treating each patient individually and instead of treating symptoms, they look for the underlying causes in this epidemic of chronic disease.”

Dr. Dominick Nischwitz

Biological Dentist and Author of “It’s All in Your Mouth”

Who We Are

Meet The Minds Behind Innovative Medicine

We can say it all started 40 years ago when an anesthesiologist became frustrated with the orthodox medical paradigm and went out into the world to seek something better, but the reality is Innovative Medicine rests on the shoulders of so many incredible minds dating back centuries. Here are the minds that had the foresight to connect the dots and dedication to change medicine.

Meet our Medical Team

Thomas K Szulc, MD

Medical Director

The pioneer, artist and mastermind of a new paradigm of medicine, Dr. Szulc has been practicing medicine and breaking down barriers for over 40 years.

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Caspar Szulc

President & Co-Founder

He’s been along for the ride from day one and passionately devoted himself to seeing through a new approach to medicine and healing.

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Mark Iwanicki, ND, LAc


After experiencing Innovative Medicine first hand, Dr. Mark was hooked and knew this was the path medicine needs to follow.

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Join Our Team See All

Be a Part of Our Passionate Team

Inspiring. Exciting. Empowering. Rewarding. Are you interested in a career where these are some of the words commonly used to describe what you do? As an Innovative Medicine team member, you’re free to work in a creative environment with a number of bright minds that let your core strengths shine.

Free Supplements

Get a free monthly supply of Nadovim, our advanced brain supplement, as well as other supplements that are in the pipeline. We want our team to stay sharp and healthy!

Learn & Grow

Health and medicine are constantly changing and we aim to be constantly learning. Be a part of a team that regularly hosts and participates in educational events.

Current Openings

Integrative Physician

Huntington, NY

Seeking an open-minded and skilled physician to join our medical team.

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Registered Nurse

Huntington, NY

Are you a licensed Registered Nurse (RN) with an integrative medical background or a great interest in the alternative field?

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Science Liaison

Remote Work

Looking for a remote position to flex your scientific mind and join our content creation team?

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