our mission...
see through a vertical leap in medicine
and reinvent how we heal.


Innovative Medicine was born from a simple idea…

We all have the capacity to be healthy, and there are amazing options available to humanity to help ensure our well-being and restore our innate health. Over time, this idea has grown and changed into something much more powerful – a way to transform the way medicine is practiced.

Our story and why we’re here all started with our insatiable curiosity
and passion for helping others in need.”

Mark Iwanicki, Co-Founder of Innovative Medicine

Why you’re here.

Looking for a better way?

Never before in human history have we had such complex health problems that plague our modern way of life. The time is now for a medical revolution, a shift in mindset, a new way of approaching health and interpreting disease that does not attempt to make sense of a person by looking only through the lens of a microscope, but also, with a macroscopic understanding. Since 2004, Innovative Medicine has been leading the way in a unique, cutting-edge, and highly effective new approach to medicine and health that makes use of the incredible advancements in fields such as quantum physics and advanced cell-biology, and offers us a fresh set of tools.

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Innovative Medicine is the first clinical application of an incredible range of therapeutic tools that comprise the new art and science of medicine, and enables us to push the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare.
Our mission is to go beyond the mainstream approach of incremental change and take a vertical leap toward exponential progress by leading the way in unifying and personalizing the field of medicine.

A bold challenge.

Change the way we heal.

Limited to practicing singular modalities, mainstream medicine struggles to keep up with the increasing difficulties posed by more complex ailments seen today. We take a different approach, and accept the challenge of changing how we heal. Our aim is to include all modalities that have demonstrated benefits, such as biological medicine, energy medicine, Eastern medicines, psycho-emotional therapies, as well as modern scientific techniques and technologies from around the world, and tailor them to each individual for unparalleled results. 

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And it’s already working…

Over the past 12 years, we’ve fine tuned many of the ideas, methods, tools and techniques that are now influencing doctors across six continents, and established the first medical center for Innovative Medicine in New York where patients seek treatment from all over the world.

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The New York Center for Innovative Medicine (NYCIM)


Innovation – it’s in our name.

Entering a new age of medicine, and leaving behind an “I’m best” mentality, we can see that each patient may require something different on their road to recovery. This is where Innovative Medicine shines. Taking a novel, all-inclusive approach and providing the patient with a personalized treatment program spanning the entire medical spectrum provides the absolute best chance for resolution of all health problems.

Quality, quality, quality.

In no other field is quality more important than medicine. Innovative Medicine doesn’t cut corners, we don’t take shortcuts, and we will never settle for good when great is attainable. Quality determines results, and results equal sustained health.

Being truly visionary.

Innovative Medicine is about dreaming big, wanting to make a positive change, and going against conventional thinking that has so far provided few answers to our growing health crisis. There are no limitations to what can be accomplished, and our vision is a healthier world.

If this resonates with you, please join us and help us transform medicine and health.

What is
Innovative Medicine?

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Also being referred to as advanced integrative medicine and “the practical application of a unified theory of medicine,” Innovative Medicine is:


the intelligent and systematic combination of qualitatively effective medicines & therapies administered to patients in a scientifically personalized manner that leads to quantifiably successful results.


a whole new way of practicing medicine – one that combines all viable medical options from around the world, and personalizes them to each patient to restore complete health of the body, mind and spirit.

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