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Restore proper functions of systems and organs with Soluna spagyric medicines, and alleviate symptoms the right way by addressing root cause dysfunctions on all levels of the body – biochemical, PNEI, and informational.

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Bioresonance Analysis of Health (B.A.H.)

Identify all root causes of disease and create truly personalized programs of treatment with precision and specificity from a single drop of blood. Bioresonance Analysis of Health is a revolutionary medical system that simplifies the complex.

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What is Innovative Medicine?
Innovative Medicine is a solution-based company pioneering a transformation in the medical field through advanced and personalized integrative medicine. We work directly with select sources and top scientific minds from around the world to deliver high-grade biological medicines, therapeutic systems, and bioenergetic techniques to medical professionals. 

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Play the short video to learn about the underlying principles of our company, and how Innovative Medicine can transform your practice. You can also read about us.

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We’re here to arm practitioners with the tools to practice medicine like never seen before. See our informative articlesvideos, and more.


As an accredited provider of integrative medical education, we’ve trained practitioners around the globe to practice advanced integrative medicine with great success.

Real Results

We pride ourselves on results. Our case reviews illustrate this, and represent the possibilities obtainable through an Innovative Medicine approach to treatment.

Stellar Support

Our team consists of specialists with vast experience, knowledge and training; making it a whole lot easier to find the right solution for you. Go ahead, contact us.

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