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An interconnected approach to healing the body, mind, and spirit. Whether a complex chronic disease or seeking to feel and look your absolute best, we have solutions to your unique needs.

This is Innovative Medicine.

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A balance of science and art, East meets West – our world renowned medical clinic opens up new horizons of what is possible in healthcare.

We’re redefining medicine and the patient experience by creating a truly unique environment that focuses on real healing and not managing disease or suppressing symptoms.

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Highly Personalized Care

The days of generalized protocols are behind us. We provide you with a 100% tailored protocol that acts as a personal roadmap back to health.

True Integrative Medicine

Einstein believed in a unified field theory. We believe in a unified medical approach, where all medical options – from conventional to energy medicine – are readily available to the patient.

Internationally Recognized

We’ve helped patients on 6 continents reclaim their health regardless of the circumstances. And we’re still seeking our first patient from Antarctica.

What Others Are Saying

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“Dr. Szulc and his team at Innovative Medicine have helped me become the healthiest version of myself. I love their 360° mind, body, spirit approach to medicine.”

Miranda Kerr

Founder and CEO of Kora Organics

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“Innovative Medicine is the future of healthcare. This is how we should be practicing medicine.”

Dr. James DiNicolantonio

Author of “The Immunity Fix

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“I am beyond excited to have full LIFE & HEALING and to be releasing music again. I am thankful to Innovative Medicine.”

Jaime Jamgochian

Recording Artist

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“Innovative Medicine is where you find optimal health. They are treating each patient individually and instead of treating symptoms, they look for the underlying causes.”

Dr. Dominick Nischwitz

Biological Dentist and Author of “It’s All in Your Mouth

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“Innovative Medicine was able to tell me the primary reason for my fatigue. I owe a massive deal of gratitude to them.”

Frazer Bailey

Director of “e-Motion” and “Root Cause

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“My hats off to Innovative Medicine for what you’re doing, because this to me is the biggest innovation in the medical industry.”

Naveen Jain

CEO & Founder of Viome

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“No one was looking at me as a whole, but I felt like NYCIM did. And that made me feel that at least they care about figuring out the whole puzzle.”

Jedediah Bila

Emmy Award nominee and former host of The View

Listen to Jedediah on our podcast

Our Approach

Helping People Heal Smarter

How We Do It

Innovative Medicine applies a broad range of tools and services in a scientific manner that aims to improve the global health and well-being of others in a completely personalized manner.

Our Goal

To reshape the healthcare industry in order to reverse chronic conditions and optimize health.

Alternative Medicine

Also known as holistic medicine, it is the study and application of nature, botany, energy, and technology to bring the body back to balance and address the root causes of disease without detrimental side effects, toxins and chemicals, or a lifetime of intervention.

Biological Medicine

Also known as European Biological Medicine, this modality, popular in Germany and Switzerland, applies numerous therapies that aim to restore the body’s regulatory and self-healing capacity by promoting proper regeneration on a cellular and organ level.

Conventional Medicine

Conventional medicine is the most recognized and practiced section of the medical spectrum that includes pharmacological drugs, surgical procedures, lab testing, and more in an attempt to reduce symptoms and manage disease. 

Conventional Therapies

The Innovative Medicine approach considers all conventional options and appropriately prescribes or refers patients to specialists in which this approach would be most suited.

Emotional Therapies

Mental health and the study of mind-body medicine is an integral part of the medical spectrum that can often go overlooked and unaddressed.

Psycho-Emotional Intervention

The study of psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI) has shown how our thoughts and psychological state impact our biochemistry and can lead to disease. Any comprehensive treatment plan must address psychological stress to be successful.

Spiritual Practices & Therapies

We often confuse spiritual practices with religion, but the role of spirituality, consciousness, awareness, purpose, and information on a quantum level is incredibly important in healing.


Over 100 Therapies and Services

We’ve scoured the Earth to find the top techniques, technologies, and modalities to make them available to you. And with our highly personalized approach, we can mix and match precise treatments to address all causes of disease and truly optimize your wellbeing.

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Latest Products

Innovative Products

Listen, we get it. There are a ton of health products out there all claiming to be the best. We’ve cut through the noise and clinically evaluated a host of different products and narrowed them down to the ones that have gotten the thumbs up from our medical team and been proven effective on the toughest cases at our clinic. We know – quality determines results.

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Our Products:


by Innovative Medicine

The only clinical-grade NAD+ brain supplement used by top physicians to improve focus, concentration, and memory.†

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YouMatrix 5G

by Innovative Medicine

YouMatrix 5G converts the toxic frequencies from your mobile device into the vital frequencies necessary for health.

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YouMatrix GO Shoes

by Innovative Medicine

YouMatrix GO protects the body’s water system through the piezoelectric mechanism.

Shop Now | $90.00

YouMatrix H2O

by Innovative Medicine

YouMatrix H2O restores the natural structure of water by realigning water molecules at the electromagnetic level.

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YouMatrix TECH Laptop

by Innovative Medicine

YouMatrix TECH Laptop devices convert the artificial frequencies from your laptop into the biocompatible frequencies necessary for cellular regeneration.

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YouMatrix TECH Tablet

by Innovative Medicine

YouMatrix TECH Tablet devices convert the artificial frequencies from your tablet into the biocompatible frequencies necessary for cellular regeneration.

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Products We’ve Tested & Reviewed:

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