What to Expect in 2018


2017 was a year for new beginning; starting things that express our uniqueness and open us to new perspectives. As 2017 comes to a conclusion, what can we expect from 2018? Let’s take a look at a few different perspectives (astrology, numerology and our Medical Director's thoughts) of what we can expect from the upcoming year.

7 Holistic Holiday Health Tips


For many of us, the holiday season can be a stressful time period where healthy habits go out the window. The added pressures of organizing family gatherings, indulging in rich foods, finding the perfect gift, and hectic daily schedules can make it all challenging to stay on track. We'd like to help you make this holiday season and upcoming year your healthiest yet with these 7 holistic health tips.

How to Make Thanksgiving Healthy


Let’s face it, Thanksgiving isn’t exactly the healthiest of holidays. While some associate the day with football, Pilgrims and turkey, many relate it more closely to phrases like ‘over-eating’ and ‘food coma’. We’re here to tell you that Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be so difficult on the body, and there are some simple steps you

Insights on Alzheimer’s Disease


Alzheimer’s is a debilitating degenerative brain disorder, and one we at Innovative Medicine wanted to demystify and share some unique insight into. Starting with the question, “what causes the brain to ‘age’?“, we turned to Dr. Thomas K. Szulc for the answers and interesting new discoveries on this subject. Taken from a series of lectures

Innovative Medicine Featured in Goop


Be sure to check out our article in goop on Lyme disease, in which Dr. Thomas K. Szulc and Innovative Medicine contributed to shedding insight into this complex, multi-faceted, and often misunderstood condition. It's a great read, and a sign of the increasing need for a new model of medicine.

5 Tips to Choosing the Right Doctor


It’s not always easy to find the right doctor for you. It can be even trickier when going out of network and locating an integrative practitioner that can satisfy your unique, and sometimes complex health needs. The more prepared and informed you are about what to look for in an integrative practitioner, the better your