NETFLIX & Heal – Top 7 Health Documentaries


Over 148 million people use Netflix. And that number continues to grow. In the general population, Netflix has become the go-to for after-work pastimes. About 70% of Netflix users admit to binge-watching. You’ve likely been there. You sit down to watch an episode – maybe 2. A few hours later, you’re 4 episodes deep. It

The Cutting Edge in Medicine – Less Doing Podcast


Innovative Medicine’s co-founder, Caspar Szulc, recently sat down with Ari Meisel on his ‘Less Doing’ podcast to discuss the future of integrative medicine. Have a listen.

Always Tired? It Could be a Deficiency of This Incredibly Important Nutrient (NAD+)


An estimated 9 million Americans currently suffer from persistent chronic fatigue. In our recent article, The Art of Focus: How to reclaim your mind in the modern world, we alluded to a frightening inflection-point on which we seem to be converging: Whereby the more complex our society becomes, the more brain power is required to participate effectively. But the more we participate, the more we seem to deplete ourselves of this all-important resource. Some of the answers have to do with being more selective with how we balance our engagement with society, social media and all our various technologies. But other factors may lie beyond our behavioral control.

Nadovim Launches to the Public – PRESS RELEASE


NEW YORK (PRWEB) September 05, 2018
After two years in development, Innovative Medicine, LLC, announced today the availability of its revolutionary nutraceutical supplement, Nadovim. The potent cognitive enhancer and nootropic formula uses clinically-tested ratios of top-quality botanicals, minerals and nutrients which work together to provide the brain with cellular energy to function optimally.

Keto is the New Black – But Does it Suit Everyone?


The keto diet is everywhere. Celebrities and influencers rave about it. Maybe you even have a friend or 2 who have tried it. From claims that it can cure disease to others boasting that they have never felt better, the keto diet has hit the pavement running. But is it all it’s cracked up to be? Does it work for everyone? Yes and no - Let us explain.

PHYTO5: A New Approach to Anti-Aging


Phyto5 is the world's first energetic anti-aging and skincare line to bring together the latest in modern science (quantum physics, most interestingly) and along with both ancient Chinese health and medicinal knowledge and Swiss medical innovation. We explore what makes this line so special, and why it just may revolutionize how we view skincare and anti-aging.